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Top Grand Spinn Superpot Jackpots

June 20, 2024
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What Your Experts Say about Grand Spinn Superpot

This review will take you through everything you need to know about NetEnt’s three-reel, one-line video slot called Grand Spinn Superpot.

Included will be a breakdown of the game’s theme and appearance, a thorough step by step guide on how to play and what to expect from the game, as well as an investigation into the more technical details of the slot. 

There will also be a deep dive into the various jackpots that are on offer for you when playing Grand Spinn Superpot, how much is on offer and how players can win these, as well as a bit of information about some of the previous wins on the jackpot slot so that you can see that it is definitely possible to get lucky!  


Theme and branding of Grand Spinn Superpot 

Released as recently as July 2019, Grand Spinn Superpot offers you a throwback to a simple and classical slot game in a world full of complex and at times overly modern slot games, so in many ways the classical appearance of this game is a breath of fresh air. 

Swedish gaming giants NetEnt have clearly made an effort to differentiate from their standard product when developing Grand Spinn Superpot as it cleverly combines the modern feature of a progressive jackpot with the classic appearance of a fruit-based video slot, therefore offering the best of both worlds to those who seek a good old fashioned slot, but one which has a jackpot which keeps building with every spin. 

The graphics in Grand Spinn Superpot are impressive. Every symbol is detailed well, and the symbols resemble the classic slot machine often referred to as a ‘fruity’ which resonates with those punters who like to consider themselves players of good old fashioned slot games. 

When you are settled into playing Grand Spinn Superpot, you will notice the audio that plays throughout the game. A smooth, jazz-like mixture of simple bass guitar and background saxophone combine to offer a musical tone akin to one you would imagine an American saloon bar would have. 

When spinning the reels, players hear a subtle yet distinct rolling of the reels to keep you engaged with what is happening before your eyes. 


Step by step guide on how to play Grand Spinn Superpot

Let’s have a look at how you can navigate your way through the Grand Spinn Superpot game, what is required first of all as well as the aims and objectives of the game itself, including the various different symbols that you need to watch out for.

Getting started: deposits and first spins

Before going to launch Grand Spinn Superpot, players will need to make a deposit at their chosen online casino in order to play this jackpot slot with real money. 

It is worth noting however that most popular online casinos offer players the option to try the game for free first - and this could be whether they just want to play for fun, or if they want to become familiar with the ins and outs of the game before staking real money. 

Once the game is launched players are presented with a straightforward and easy to understand game - the reels are clearly defined and the jackpot amounts are always displayed at the top of the reels. It is made quite clear how to adjust stake levels if players so wish, and as part of the menu (available to the bottom left hand side of the reels on desktop, bottom right hand side on mobile) players can read through a lot of helpful information about the game. 


Aim of the game

When you are playing Grand Spinn Superpot, the aim of the game is quite simply to choose the stake you are comfortable with, and spin the reels hoping to land a winning combination which would result in a return larger than the stake per spin. 

The ultimate aim when playing Grand Spinn Superpot is to win the super jackpot by matching three of its symbols on the reels, however it is quite possible to win money on this slot without hitting one of the jackpots. 


Possible stakes and bet levels

The lowest possible stake per spin when playing Grand Spinn Superpot is €0.04, and this rises to a maximum stake per spin of €20. Players therefore have a very good level of flexibility when it comes to how much they wish to wager. 

Like most other jackpot slots, Grand Spinn Superpot players can alter their stakes in two different ways. Both the bet level and coin value combine to determine the level of the player’s stake. 

The minimum bet level is 1 and rises to a maximum level of 10, and the minimum coin value is 0.02 and rises to a maximum coin value of 1. The table below details all of the available combinations players can choose from.


Symbols in Grand Spinn Superpot

There are simply 10 symbols you will come across in Grand Spinn Superpot. Firstly there is a blank symbol, which is an empty space. There are then six normal symbols which are as follows:

  • The word ‘BAR’ in silver font on a burgundy background which takes the shape of a wide-set octagon
  • A small bunch of deep red cherries with one of them split in half
  • Two purple plums on a plate, one of which is split in half
  • Two oranges, one of which is cut down the middle
  • A large slice of watermelon 
  • Three fire-like orange-red 7s, with one of the 7s sat in front of the other two  

There are then three jackpot symbols, all of which are on a bright red ruby. The ‘MINI JACKPOT’ symbol has a bronze font, the ‘MIDI JACKPOT’ has a silver font and the ‘SUPER JACKPOT’ has a gold font. The color of each font corresponds to the value of each symbol - super being the most valuable jackpot, mini being the smallest jackpot, and midi being in the middle. 

There are also multiplier wild symbols, and these have the words ‘x2 WILD’ in bold gold font on an ovular red ruby with a golden border around the outside. These substitute for all symbols except the upward arrow symbol and the jackpot symbols. More information on how the multiplier wilds work will be available later in this section of the review. 


How the Grand Spinn Superpot bonus round works

There is no bonus round as such in Grand Spinn Superpot, because the various jackpots available can be won with the spin of a reel rather than playing a side-game. 

To win one of the jackpots, players must first wait until the reels stop nudging. Once all of the symbols have nudged, there may be some jackpot symbols lingering at the top of the reels. If each reel has a jackpot symbol on the top of a winning stack and the win is greater than zero, the player will then win the lowest-paying jackpot out of the jackpot symbols on display. 

There are three jackpots available and the value of each one is as follows:

  • The mini jackpot = 40 x stake amount
  • The major jackpot = 200 x stake amount
  • The super jackpot = Progressive jackpot 

Grand Spinn Superpot multipliers and wilds 

As outlined earlier, this game has a multiplier wild feature, and it has the potential to deliver large wins to players. 

When finding one multiplier wild symbol on a winning bet line, the win is multiplied by two. If two multiplier wilds are on the winning bet line, then the win is multiplied by four. The win is multiplied by eight if there are three multiplier wilds. 

Grand Spinn Superpot free spins 

There is no ‘free spins’ feature as such in this game, however the nudge feature gives players what are effectively free spins as the reels keep nudging whenever there is a winning spin, and the reels can nudge up to 14 times each - so whenever you win on Grand Spinn Superpot there is the potential to win big thanks to this feature. 

The nudge feature will be explained in more depth under the ‘possible payouts and winning combinations’ section. 

Technical details of Grand Spinn Superpot

RTP of Grand Spinn Superpot

The theoretical return to player (RTP) in Grand Spinn Superpot is 96.21%, which is quite a high and therefore generous RTP within the industry, especially for a video slot which only pays on one line. 

This figure means that across all players, for every €100 staked, a total of €96.21 will be returned in winnings on average. 

It is worth bearing in mind however, that this figure is based on an average and as such it is subject to the law of averages. This means that one player staking €100 in one playing session will not necessarily gain a return of specifically €96.21 because the RTP applies to average returns across the entire game, not to an individual player. 


Slot volatility

Grand Spinns Superpot has a high slot volatility. This means that winnings spins are less frequent than slos which have a low or a medium slot volatility. However winning spins in this game have a tendency to pay out quite a bit more than games with a lower slot volatility. 

Because this jackpot slot has a high slot volatility, it will suit those players who have a larger bankroll and those who can enjoy playing a game where there can be quite a few spins between fairly sizable wins in comparison to your stake level. 


Possible payouts and winning combinations 

Each time there is a winning combination on the reels, the ‘nudge’ feature is activated. After the winning bet is calculated, if the top symbol on the first reel is the same as the winning symbol, the first reel moves one symbol down and the win is awarded again. 

The reel will keep nudging until the symbol directly above the winning symbol is different. This process is then repeated for the second reel and the third reel. 

When a reel stops nudging, there may be an upward-pointing arrow symbol at the top of the reel. If this is the case, the reel will be moved to the bottom of the current stack of winning symbols and the win will then be calculated. The reels will then start nudging and paying out as per the process outlined above.  

The payouts for each symbol are as follows:

  • BAR symbol x 3 = 1
  • Cherries symbol x 3 = 2
  • Plums symbol x 3 = 3
  • Oranges symbol x 3 = 5
  • Watermelon symbol x 3 = 10
  • 777 symbol x 3 = 20

It is worth noting that blank symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. Blank symbols do not pay out at all. 


Random Number Generator in Grand Spinn Superpot

Like most other slot games, Grand Spinn Superpot has a random number generator (henceforth RNG) which is a fundamental aspect of how the game operates. The RNG serves several purposes. First of all, the RNG generates a random number which determines the symbols that appear on the reels. This randomises the game and therefore ensures fairness to the player, but it also serves to safeguard against players that may want to gain an unfair advantage over the game. 

RNGs are micro computers that are constantly generating numbers. This is normally between one and several billion, and they are able to do this every second, so it is virtually impossible to predict any particular sequence of numbers generated by the RNG.  

An RNG randomises the frequency and size of payouts (keeping in line with the high slot volatility and 96.21% RTP). This keeps the slot unpredictable as players do not know when they will get a payout or how big that payout may be, therefore ensuring the game is fun, spontaneous and fair for all players.


Type of jackpots available 

While there are three jackpots on offer in Grand Spinn Superpot, there are actually two different types of jackpot. The two smaller jackpots, mini and midi, have an amount which is directly determined by the amount of money staked per spin - the amount of these jackpots increases and decreases as you change your stake value. 

The super jackpot is the largest of the three jackpots and it is a localised progressive jackpot. This means that the value of the super jackpot in Grand Spinn Superpot increases depending on the amount of people playing the game at that particular online casino, as opposed to the jackpot increasing with every penny spent on the game via different casinos worldwide. 

Because of this, the competition for jackpots is a lot lower than a slot where you have players all across the globe playing for the same jackpot. 


Biggest wins on Grand Spinn Superpot 

The largest win recorded on Grand Spinn Superpot was a tidy €106,537, and this took place on 3rd December 2019. The lucky player was using Bet-at-home online casino at the time. Unfortunately not much information is available about the win. 

Other notable wins on Grand Spinn Superpot include another win at Bet-at-home casino to the tune of €106,045 on 24th March 2020. The most recent win took place on Sunday 5th July 2020 and €41,862 was collected by a player again using Bet-at-home online casino. 

There are some useful statistics available regarding the Grand Spinn Superpot jackpot:

  • Average time it takes to drop: 13 days 12 hours
  • Average size when dropped: €42,578 
  • Wins recorded: 28


Final thoughts

Grand Spinn Superpot is a good classic video slot which NetEnt have cleverly produced using modern, crisp graphics combined with a retro theme to give the player the best of both worlds. 

The game is simple to understand yet has several interesting features to keep you engaged with every spin. Examples include the nudge feature which often turns what initially looks like an unremarkable winning spin into quite an exciting and large return. 

On top of this, the upward golden arrow resets the nudge feature back to the first winning symbol, so this can increase the size of the win several times over.

The jackpot structure is quite positive because it offers a progressive jackpot which players will dream of landing, but also the two smaller jackpots being determined by your stake means that the more you are willing to stake, the more you are able to win. 

There is no doubt that this jackpot slot will have its fair share of fans because there are many out there who remember the slots of old and the sheer, classic simplicity of them which attracted them in the first place. Software providers NetEnt have clearly pulled off a masterstroke by bringing this slot to the marketplace and it is easy to see that they have definitely done their homework with regards to their market research. 



  • Great visuals thanks to good graphics, simple yet effective audio
  • The nudge feature keeps the game enticing whenever a win occurs
  • Good RTP of 96.21% 
  • Localised jackpot means less competition for it so you have a better chance of being able to win


  • Only one win line which could be great for beginners, though more advanced players may prefer jackpot slots with more

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