How has NetEnt survived Covid-19?

Published on the 2020-10-26

Most industries have suffered from a deeply turbulent year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. From sporting organisations to travel companies, entire industries have struggled to get to grips with new social distancing measures and a lack of consumer confidence. However, online gaming brands have remained remarkably unaffected by the troubling public health crisis.

In particular it’s the Swedish casino game developer NetEnt who has managed to shrug off such hostile market conditions. Thanks to flexible production strategies, innovative online technologies and the sheer scale of jackpot prizes, NetEnt will be expecting to enjoy another bumper year at the pinnacle of the online gaming industry.

NetEnt’s sound business practices

It was recently reported that NetEnt had reached the very respectable third-quarter revenues of $60 million. This is a very impressive rise of 18% compared to the same period in the previous year. Once tax was taken into account, it means that the Swedish games developer could be earning nearly double what it earned in 2019.

Much of this could be put down to the sheer global popularity of the NetEnt jackpot slot games. But the developer has been careful to lay down some shrewd business mechanisms in such trying circumstances. This can be seen in the way in which NetEnt successfully integrated its workings with the recently acquired Red Tiger Gaming. This has helped to boost production with 16 new games being put on the market. Plus the developer has made the bold move to sign new agreements with key players in the rapidly expanding US market. 

NetEnt has also been careful to diversify its output beyond such headline-grabbing slot games like Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune. It has made sure that it is strategically growing in innovative new areas such as live casino gaming to cater to the demands of the new global markets.

While all casino firms were hit by the shockwaves of the Covid-19 pandemic, the gradual easing of lockdowns has meant that growth rates in the gaming industry are returning to their normal levels. NetEnt has aimed to stabilise its market operations as a result of implementing a lower base cost while pushing ahead with a strong production ethic to ensure that it keeps its toehold in the fiercely competitive industry. 

Jackpot production unaffected

NetEnt has already enjoyed a formidable reputation for both the quality and quantity of its jackpot games. From early innovations like the endlessly popular Arabian Nights to relatively recent hits like Divine Fortune, the Swedish developer has managed to keep its finger on the pulse of what casino gamers want to play.

While some of the brand’s major success stories like Mega Fortune have been in existence for nearly a decade now, NetEnt has managed to push ahead in its quest for jackpot gaming glory. This can be seen in the fact that the developer had one of its busiest ever years in 2019. This saw NetEnt releasing an endless succession of jackpot games like Mercy of the Gods, Grand Spinn, Imperial Riches and Gold Money Frog. 

When the pandemic lockdown conditions were introduced across the world in spring 2020, there were fears that the production of casino games would be adversely affected. However, as NetEnt’s main headquarters are based in Stockholm, it managed to survive relatively unscathed. This is because Sweden took a slightly different approach to countering the public health crisis. 

While other European nations went into full lockdown mode, the Swedish government took more of a relaxed approach which meant that citizens had more freedom to work as they pleased. The lack of enforced lockdown may have had plenty of critics, but it is evident that Sweden has been spared much of the devastating effects that have afflicted neighbouring countries. As a result, NetEnt was able to carry on with the production of its jackpot games without too many major obstacles.

NetEnt’s first jackpot game of the Covid era

While the ongoing pandemic has given us ‘the new normal’, NetEnt has managed to provide some sense of regular normality. This is because the developer released Trollpot 5000 as its latest jackpot game. 

Trollpot 5000 gave gamers a very nostalgic way to play that must have been comforting at the height of the pandemic. The game takes its inspiration from the original fruit machines of yesteryear, and its three-reel three-row format will be instantly recognisable for all gamers of a certain vintage. 

But NetEnt made the wise move of adding plenty of extra features like multiplier wilds. This has been doubled by the fact that it gives you chance to make continuous wins through the nudge features. Plus with no less than three jackpots on offer, it’s evident that Trollpot 5000 sees NetEnt back to doing what it does best.

The jackpots are the standard mini, midi and mega jackpots that will be familiar to anybody who has played some of the brand’s classic jackpot games. Plus it features NetEnt’s famously generous return to player percentage of 96.19% which ensures that all gamers get a decent chance of getting a return on their wagering. 

Trollpot 5000 marks an interesting move from NetEnt as it has unique two-dimensional graphics that are at odds with some of the more innovative slot games of recent times. But with a fun and jazzy soundtrack and classic slot machine themes of BARs and four-leaf clovers, it looks like NetEnt has given us all a safe gaming haven in these uncertain times. 

Other key NetEnt releases from 2020

Of course, it’s not just jackpot games that NetEnt has been treating us to in 2020. This is because the brand has managed to serve up plenty more fun casino games despite the ongoing pandemic. From the deeply innovative Gems of Adoria 3D video slot to the crime-themed Cash Noir, it looks like NetEnt is showing no signs of slowing down. So while the pandemic may well be with us for many more months, at least NetEnt will be keeping us entertained.