What technologies could we see in the future for NetEnt jackpots?

Published on the 2020-11-02

NetEnt has long been known as being a pioneer of jackpot slot gaming technology. The Swedish game developer has released many online jackpot slot games over the past couple of decades. From early innovations like Arabian Nights to iconic titles such as Mega Fortune, NetEnt has continued to push things forward in jackpot slots gaming. 

But NetEnt is not a brand to rest on its laurels. After all, the online casino industry is fiercely competitive. New territories being opened up has meant that games developers will have to fight twice as hard to succeed. This means that brands like NetEnt will always be hard at work in predicting how gamers will want to play jackpot games in the future. So let’s take a look at how NetEnt is paving the way for a bright future of jackpot gaming.

Building on the NetEnt Progressive Jackpot Revolution

NetEnt has been in the business of developing jackpot slots for nearly two decades now. The Swedish developer’s biggest breakthrough undoubtedly came when it introduced progressive jackpot games. These cleverly link together multiple slot machines to produce even more impressive jackpot prizes. This means that the more people play these games, the bigger the jackpots will be.

As a result, we have seen no shortage of headlines being created over gamers winning seven figure sums by playing NetEnt jackpot slots. In fact, one lucky gamer ended up in the Guinness World Records by winning millions in playing the NetEnt Mega Fortune game. It’s the sheer scale of these wins that have ensured that jackpot games continue to be some of the world’s most popular casino games.

Such jackpot prizes have only been made possible by the connectivity NetEnt uses to link the jackpot games together. As connectivity improves, we can expect such jackpot prizes to get even bigger and better. This is especially true as NetEnt expands its gaming output across new and more diverse territories. All of this means that we can expect NetEnt to use the latest technologies to serve up many more extravagant prize winnings in the future.

Innovative in-game NetEnt Jackpot features

We’ve seen NetEnt making sure that all of its jackpot games are packed with innovative features that ensure that the gameplay is engrossing regardless of how many times they are played. Gone are the days of simply spinning the reels to get a few symbols to line up on a couple of paylines. 

This is because the NetEnt jackpot slots are constantly introducing new features. These have included fun features like falling wilds, multiplier wilds, scatters and a range of options that are particular to each individual jackpot game.

Take the likes of Trollpot 5000. This NetEnt jackpot game was released in mid 2020. On first inspection, it looked like a relatively basic slot game that only featured three reels and had the feel of an old-fashioned slot machine. But NetEnt was keen to ensure that the jackpot slot included a few innovative features. 

This meant that you could use the nudge feature to help you keep getting wins as each reel is spun. As a result, you could get an endless amount of winning combinations. 

Plus NetEnt has taken the concept of jackpot gaming and taken it to the next level. This is because most of the developer’s jackpot games contain no less than three different jackpots.

These can include the mini jackpot, the midi jackpot and the mega jackpot. All of which gives you a chance to win some impressive prizes. If you’re lucky enough to get the three mega jackpot symbols to line up, then you will get some truly staggering winnings. 

Embracing a virtual reality jackpot future

NetEnt created a massive stir in the online casino industry in February 2017 when it unveiled the first virtual reality slot game. This saw the brand’s hugely popular slot game Gonzo’s Quest reimagined for use on VR headsets. 

Virtual reality is a growing trend among video gamers with major titles like Resident Evil being reimagined for use with the immersive technology. NetEnt was quick to embrace WebVR technology to offer basic support for VR slot gameplay. 

This saw the brand unveiling the Gonzo’s Quest VR slot game at the ICE Totally Gaming event in London in 2017. 

The game was fully playable through a web browser without requiring any specialist integration from the operators. Similarly, players wouldn’t have to download any specialist VR apps. Instead, the use of WebVR meant that the VR slot games would be available by any player with a VR headset. 

The Gonzo’s Quest VR game went live in summer 2018 and it proved to be a watershed moment for the slot gaming industry. It uses real-time 3D imagery and gamers will instantly be transported to the immersive world of Gonzo.

This is just the start of what could be the future for virtual reality jackpot slots gaming. It would be relatively simple for NetEnt to reimagine iconic jackpots like Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune for the VR generation. Plus it would be interesting to see how augmented reality could be used to add an extra level of interest to its jackpot slots. 

All of which suggests that limitless futures are possible for these hugely popular casino games. 

How can machine learning benefit NetEnt Jackpot Slot games?

The rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence has already had a huge impact on the video gaming industry. Many sports simulators already use AI to learn how human competitors play and adjust the gameplay of the computer opponents accordingly. It’s not too much of a stretch to see how NetEnt could use similar technology to power its jackpot slots.

As a result we could see a new generation of jackpot games being released where the gameplay responds to the behaviours of the gamers. Such technologies would mean that each jackpot game would play differently for different gamers. Once again it shows that NetEnt could be giving us an infinite number of ways to hunt down that slot jackpot.

Will artificial intelligence have a say on NetEnt Jackpots?

Another highly progressive field in the burgeoning technology industry revolves around the ever growing artificial intelligence niche which a lot of different industries are starting to embrace (transportation for example, particularly referring to driverless cars).

In the online gambling industry, NetEnt have been on the cutting edge of the latest technologies for years and they will no doubt embrace artificial intelligence to create an even better jackpot gaming experience for their loyal and dedicated players. Could we see ‘robots’ offering NetEnt jackpot games, which can make decisions based on your historical gameplay of certain situations so that you do not actually have to even play the game? 

While this could be compared to the ‘auto’ mode that you currently get, this is referring to NetEnt jackpots being able to understand and learn your behaviour and make intellgent situational decisions.

Whatever happens with the progress of technology in the future, one thing is for sure; NetEnt are going to do whatever it takes to continue to be at the forefront of the industry.