What happens if you lose a Wi-Fi connection when playing NetEnt Jackpots?

Published on the 2020-11-02

It is every casino gamer’s worst nightmare. You’re playing a jackpot game and are closing in on making a big win when the internet connection drops out. This could mean that you’d lose all of your progress and would have to start all over again. As a result, you could miss out on claiming that potentially life changing jackpot prize. 

Such connectivity issues have long been the bane of casino gaming fans. But thankfully, a few pioneering casino game developers have sought to address this issue. The Swedish casino game developer NetEnt has been particularly quick in making sure that gamers can still pursue that jackpot regardless of what happens with their internet connections. 

So how has NetEnt managed to overcome those connectivity problems to give gamers reassurance over how they can play jackpot games?

The need for reliable internet connections

Regardless of whether you are playing a jackpot slot like Mega Fortune Dreams or a live dealer casino game like blackjack, you will need a steady and uninterrupted internet connection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing from a laptop computer or a brand new smartphone, as whatever device you are on will need to be consistently online. 

Despite this, there is always the chance that your internet connection could go down. It might be that your modem has a temporary glitch, or you might move out of range of the Wi-Fi transmitter. All of these issues could cause you to lose your connection to the internet.

Such an issue would obviously cause the game that you are playing to freeze as it would no longer be capable of receiving data. But if you are playing a NetEnt jackpot game, you shouldn’t worry about losing your game progress. 

This is because any casino featuring a NetEnt jackpot game will have robust protocols in place that will provide reassurance should you lose your connection. So while an internet drop-out might be frustrating, it does not necessarily mean, however, that you should give up hope of claiming that potential jackpot win. 

What happens if and when you lose an internet connection?

Let’s say that your Wi-Fi connection at home goes down. This would mean that the jackpot slot game progress would be temporarily paused. This is very different to what would happen if you were playing a live casino game. Here the gameplay would continue in real-time as normal without you being there. 

But NetEnt has made sure that all of its jackpot games will recognise when a gamer’s internet connection has been lost. This means that there is no danger of the game starting over again.

Instead, you will be able to rejoin the game at the moment when you lost your internet

As a result, you won’t have to suffer those agonising moments where you have to worry about getting close to a jackpot win only to lose it due to a bad internet connection. 

Can an online casino go down?

Obviously, there is always the potential that the online casino that you’re playing at may go down. This could be anything from a temporary glitch in the servers to something more serious. Once again, this shouldn’t affect your hunt for that NetEnt jackpot. You’ll find that the gameplay will be temporarily paused as soon as there is a halt in the data flow from the servers.

If the problem with the casino’s connectivity persists, then more drastic measures may be undertaken. This could see the casino refunding your bets. This means that you would be able to log back into the NetEnt slot game you were playing without you having to lose any of your wagering stakes. 

Any casino that features NetEnt games will be fully licensed and regulated by an online gambling authority such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Such licensing means that they would be duty-bound to uphold your bets should their servers experience any connectivity issues. All of which means that you should feel perfectly confident whenever you spin the reels of any NetEnt jackpot slot game. 

We should note that all good online casinos will have an interrupted gameplay policy. This should usually be found in the brand’s terms and conditions that is normally located in the footer of the casino site. 

Here you will get to see exactly what will happen should there be a fault in either yours or the casino’s internet connection mid-game. This should give you further peace of mind about not losing any potential jackpot wins due to a bad connection.

Restoring your jackpot game

Should you be playing a NetEnt jackpot slot and you lose internet connection, it should be very straightforward to reconnect and restore the game. All that you will need to do is to reconnect to the casino site or app that you are playing at. Once the connection is established, you should find that the game will be restored where you left off. 

If you lost connection when you were playing the base game of the jackpot slot, you will see the spin’s outcome quickly being resolved. This means that any wins generated from the paused spin of the reels will be automatically added to your account balance. 

Similarly, if you were playing the bonus round of a NetEnt jackpot slot, you’ll find that you’ll also be able to carry on from when the connection was interrupted. As a result, you shouldn’t have any problem in continuing to claim anything from free spins to one of the many jackpots featured in such slot games. 

Despite this, it is worth noting that you should do all that you can do to stop such connectivity issues from occurring in the future. This is because it can be hugely frustrating to have the jackpot game being unexpectedly paused. So make sure that your internet connection is stable, and try not to stray too far from the source of your Wi-Fi connection. All of which should mean that you can enjoy chasing after those NetEnt jackpots without too much of an interruption.