What are the best devices for playing NetEnt Jackpots?

Published on the 2020-11-02

The Swedish casino game developer NetEnt has earned its excellent reputation for the ease with which its jackpot slot games can be played. Rarely a month goes by without a player hitting the headlines by claiming a seven-figure jackpot on one of the NetEnt jackpot games. But what’s interesting is the fact that these jackpots have all been won on a variety of devices.

From laptop computers to simple smartphones, it seems as though your choice of device won’t stop you from being able to claim an impressive jackpot win. So how has NetEnt made sure that its jackpots can be won from a variety of devices, and are certain devices better for winning jackpots than others?

The need to cater to the world’s NetEnt Jackpot fans

The realm of jackpot gaming has expanded dramatically in recent years. In the time in which NetEnt first started developing jackpot games, we have seen a proliferation of different devices that allow gamers to play jackpot games. When early NetEnt jackpots like Arabian Nights were launched back in 2005, the majority of gamers would have been playing on either desktop or laptop computers.

But ever since smartphones took over modern culture just over a decade ago, the rise of mobile jackpot gaming has become unstoppable. This has meant that casino game developers like NetEnt will have to make sure that their games can easily be played on a variety of different tablets and smartphones. Not only do these mobile devices have different operating systems, but gamers want to be able to choose to play either from the operator’s website or via a casino gaming app.

The hunger for playing jackpot slots in evermore convenient and immersive ways hasn’t stopped there. We have also witnessed the rise of wearables that offer gamers an even more compact way to hunt down those jackpots. Plus the past couple of years has even seen the rise of virtual reality slot gaming. All of which has meant that NetEnt has its work cut out in catering to the demand for multi-device jackpot gaming.

PC versus Mac NetEnt Jackpot gaming

It may seem a quaint memory, but there was once a real fight between PCs and Apple computers. This occurred at the time when NetEnt was just in its infancy. But it still provided the Swedish casino game developer with a real task in ensuring that its jackpot games played equally well on both of the different kinds of computers. 

Thankfully NetEnt realised early on that gamers would expect that a jackpot game should play the same and have the same kinds of prize winnings. This meant that NetEnt quickly became a market leader at the very dawn of jackpot slot gaming. 

Android against iOS slot NetEnt Jackpot games

The release of the first iPhone in 2007 was a defining moment. It launched the smartphone revolution that basically meant that everybody could have a portable gaming platform in their pocket. Such was the success of Apple’s iPhone that a wave of rival smartphones were released with Samsung’s Android devices providing the most robust competition. 

The divide between iOS and Android smartphones could have posed a real problem for casino game developers. But thankfully NetEnt was quick to ensure that its jackpot games could be played equally well regardless of the operating system. With similar speed of gameplay and an equally strong Wi-Fi connection, it meant that gamers could enjoy classic jackpots like Mega Fortune anywhere with an internet connection. 

Playing jackpot games on smartphones

A growing number of casino gaming fans now play jackpot games on a smartphone. This may provide a greater amount of convenience for the gamer. But it poses a problem for casino game developers like NetEnt in how to cram in all of the features of these games into a small screen. Thankfully NetEnt was one of the first casino developers to take advantage of the HTML5 markup language. 

This enabled NetEnt to release its games with better graphics, more immersive audio, and sharper animations. All of this means that the NetEnt games should look equally impressive whether the gamer is playing at home or out and about. 

The introduction of HTML5 came as the use of Flash media was largely dropped by casino game developers. The new kind of markup language also helped to cater to the variety of ways in which smartphone gamers like to play. After all, a new generation of gamers have proven to enjoy playing from within an operator’s app, while some people prefer to play simply via their mobile browser. The fact that NetEnt’s jackpot games are based in HTML5 cleverly takes account of this fact to ensure that the gameplay and prizes are equally impressive regardless of how they choose to play.

Catering to tablet NetEnt Jackpot fans

NetEnt was also quick to ensure that its jackpot games played perfectly on the new generation of tablets. From Apple’s iPad to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, there’s been a host of differently sized and shaped tablets released over the past decade. 

Once again NetEnt has stayed ahead of the curve by making sure that each jackpot game works on a variety of different screen sizes and operating systems. Plus the fact that each game’s progress is saved if the internet connection is lost means that there’s much less chance of missing out on that jackpot.

Anticipating the rise of innovative gaming technologies

NetEnt has often proven to be able to anticipate the next big thing in technology. Nowhere can this be seen in the fact that it released the world’s first virtual reality slot game. This saw the Swedish developer unleashing a virtual reality version of the Gonzo’s Quest game just a couple of years ago. 

This offers gamers a much more immersive way to enjoy slot gaming action from their VR headsets. NetEnt has yet to release its first virtual-reality friendly jackpot slot game. But given the developer’s heritage, it shouldn’t be too long before this happens