What makes NetEnt jackpot slots stand out compared to other software providers

Published on the 2020-12-09

When it comes to choosing a jackpot slot, this can be a difficult thought process, especially if you are new to world of online gambling.

For some people, if they are visiting an online casino for the first time, it could even be that they are not aware that the slots and games they see in front of them are actually developed by external software providers who specialise in the onlin gambling industry.

While there are many software providers who do this, there are certain ones which stand out for a number of reasons. Let’s explore the various motivations as to why this is.

Strong history and reputation

Having been around since 1996, you simply cannot argue that NetEnt has really established itself as a major player in the online gambling industry as a key software provider. It is essentially a global brand in iGaming and its products have become instantly recognisable, with some standing the test of time.

This means that it knows exactly what is required when it comes to creating a jackpot slot that will not only attract players, but also make sure that they keep on coming back. Over the years, they have been able to build thousands of statistical data based on market research, not only about what players like, but also what they might want in the future.

They also have some of the brightest minds in the industry working for them, from statistical mathematicans, programmers, designers and marketers who all play a vital part in the creation of new jackpot slots, which is really strong selling point. What is even more impressive is that their employees stay around, which helps to highlight how progressive the company is.

Size of the Jackpots

As you can see, NetEnt boasts arguably some of the biggest and most lucrative jackpots in the industry with via its highly popular jackpot slots, which is all made possible due to a number of factors. 

Firstly, the strength of their brand due to its sterling reputation and history has enabled them to keep on growing every year, which means that this helps them to guarantee sizeable jackpots for their jackpot slots. Some of these reach into the mid-eight figures; which is a life-changing sum and even more than some lottery jackpot prizes.

Also, with these growing ever more in popularity as the industry attracts even larger amounts of players, the potential for these to increase is arguably exponential, especially as NetEnt continue to create and release new, more exciting jackpot slots.

Superior quality

Although there are a couple of other software providers who do have a good reputaion in the industry for creating products, NetEnt undoubtedly leads the way when it comes to developing jackpot slots. 

In recent years especially, they have begun to focus a lot more of their attention to jackpot slots in a bid to become the ‘go to’ in the industry when it comes to player acquisition and also partnerships with online casinos. 

This is one of the reasons why almost every online casino has many NetEnt jackpot slots available, where you are able to make the most of a number of different welcome offers with each one. 

It is obvious to tell where the quality shines through when you immerse yourself in the graphical interface of each jackpot slot which each one having its own unique theme, represented perfectly with visually stunning aesthetics. 

This is down to considerable investment from NetEnt’s side into their design team, hiring only the best designers in the industry and as a result, making sure it is worth their while. Ultimately, they recognised that how their jackpot slots looked to the player was arguably just as important when it came to keeping a player’s attention and not just the prospect of winning big.

Better features

Differentiation has always been at the top of NetEnt’s agenda when it comes to their jackpot slots and making sure that what they create is unique compared to other software providers. 

This is particularly highlighted by the fact that they have many more and also different features available in their jackpot slots compared to others, which are represented in the form of numerous more symbols and highly distinctive wilds. Where these really come into their own though, is what they mean for the player. Even a small percentage of these can unlock highly profitable bonus rounds in the form of recurring free spins, mini jackpot games and even cascading wilds with respins. In a nutshell, these are features which are highly inventive and really underline the creative talent that NetEnt have at their disposal.

Amount of players

Contributing especially to why NetEnt jackpots stand out among others is the sheer number of people who play them in multiple countries around the world, which really helps to emphasise the company’s true global presence. 

This really helps to give you some idea about how good that they must be and when you factor in that their jackpots have been won in a number of countries means that anyone has a chance to win big, regardless of where you are playing from in the world.

Mobile performance

NetEnt were one of the first software providers to really capitalise on the shift towards mobile gambling and they recognised early that this was the way forward in the industry. As a result, combining the data that they had collected based on the popularity of their jackpot slots, with the amount of people playing via mobile, based on the improvement in mobile technology, they changed strategy.

From as early as 2012 they adopted a ‘mobile first’ technology when it came to their products, ensuring that everything they developed was at least as good as or unrivalled in quality when it came to playing on a mobile device. Realising that jackpot slots were especially popular, they made sure that players received a best in class experience regardless of which mobile handset they had and making each one seamingly compatible for the main formats (Android/iOS/Windows).

Future potential

After being acquired by rival software provider Evolution Gaming (now Evolution), in what was more of a strategic move than anything, this has unlocked a considerable amount of potential about what the future landscape of NetEnt jackpot slots might look like.

It means that with the added investment at the brand’s disposal in addition to the increase in expertise and efficiency, players can essentially look forward to potentially some of the best jackpot slots ever produced and possibly more on a regular basis.

Not forgetting that they are also leaders in technology for the online gambling industry, it could also open up many more doors relating to how users can play their jackpot slots, particularly from a virtual reality perspective which is predicted to become a big part of the industry.

When looking at how far the company has come over the last two decades, this really helps to put into perspective just how much further they can go, especially if they focus even more on what is arguably their biggest selling point; jackpot slots.