The most five exciting NetEnt Jackpot Wilds and what they do

Published on the 2020-12-09

In the world of online slots and especially jackpot games, wilds are some of the most thrilling features that you can come across. Slot developers in recent years have made great use of these in their games in order to provide players with more in-game content

This was seen as somewhat of a revolutionary change in online gaming, due to the implications that they can have for a player’s progress. The main purpose of a wild is that they have the power to replace all of the other symbols in each game and as a result, complete the winning paylines that usually would not result in a win. 

One major exception to this though, is that they do not have the power to replace scatter symbols free spins or other bonus symbols. Some slots meanwhile, use the wild to give this its own unique value, however, in others they are the highest paying symbol in the game, which can see a player’s winnings increase significantly.

NetEnt jackpot slots have forged a reputation in recent years for leading the way when it comes to their wild symbols and this has seen their highly attractive jackpot games become some of the most popular in the online gambling industry as a result of this. Let’s take a look at what some of the best and most notable wilds are that you can find in a number of the many NetEnt jackpot slots and exactly what they do.

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Dragon Wild: Hall of Gods

Arguably one of the most popular jackpot games that are available from NetEnt and as such which attracts millions of players from across the world, Hall of Gods is well known for the winning potential of its Dragon wild.

To set the scene, the way in which this works is that the five highest paying symbols in this jackpot slot are in the form of Norse mythological gods including Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki, and Idun, all of which are the result of some beautifully impressive digital artwork by NetEnt. In addition to this, there are also five lower paying symbols. These are representations of symbols that you would expect to find during the Norse age for various different purposes associated with that particular era and include a ring, hammer, necklace, axe, and apples.

The key symbol in this jackpot is the hammer because when this strikes against a shield it then unlocks the dragon wild which then expands to cover all of the reel when it can then form a winning line, to multiply and increase your winnings substantially. This wild only shows itself on the second, third, and fourth reel columns.

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Boat Ride Wild: Mega Fortune

The next thrilling wild to look out for is the Boat Ride wild which you can find in the Mega Fortune jackpot slot, which has created a number of millionaires since it was first released by NetEnt in 2013. 

This slot is a visual representation of glitz and glamour with its particularly colourful and vivid backdrop. As a result, the symbols are associated with living the high life and as such a tempting sign of what could be possible for you should you be lucky.

They include four expensive looking rings, a Cuban cigar, fine cognac, a wristwatch that screams luxury, a pile of hundred dollar bills, and a limousine all of which can contribute towards you unlocking that potentially lucrative boat ride wild.

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White Horse Wild: Divine Fortune

This action-packed jackpot slot from NetEnt features an array of exciting bonuses, though these have nothing on the wild that is available during the gameplay which can significantly boost your winnings.

The slot itself is based around ancient Greek mythology, and as a result, you can expect to find features that are symbolic of this particularly popular theme. In total, there are 11 symbols, with three of these being classed as ‘special’, which means that they can help to unlock an array of bonuses. 

One of the reasons why this is so popular, is because it is very similar in style to NetEnt’s ‘Gonzo’s Quest’ slot in terms of how the mechanics of the game, however, there is more on offer in terms of features and winning potential. 

Regular symbols include four creatures that are based on ancient mythology which are Medusa, the Nemean Lion, the Minotaur and the Phoenix.

One of the ‘special’ symbols that are available during the game includes the ‘White Horse Wild’ which is the head of a white horse displayed on a vibrant purple background.

What is unique about this jackpot slot, is that the ‘wild’ is not like any ordinary wild. In fact, there is a feature called ‘wild on wilds’ which is essentially a cascading wild activation whereby the player will find that the wild expands and multiplies and gets displayed across the entire reel. This means there is a medley of potential reward winning actions available to the player which includes free spins and falling wild re-spins which means that there is a great opportunity to really win big!

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Golden Gong Wild: Imperial Riches

A jackpot slot which really takes into account the player’s sense of adventure and thirst for landing winning combinations, the Golden Gong wild with a matching, accompanying hammer is the ultimate symbol to aim for here. 

The game itself is based on Japanese culture and as such it really embraces such themes like botanical gardens, vibrant fish and dazzling ponds. Symbols that you can find in this NetEnt jackpot include low value ones which are represented as playing card types (Ace, King and Queen), while the high value ones are bamboo plants, golden fish and bars of gold.

Should you land the Golden Gong wild which appears on reels two, three or four, then this gives you the chance to really increase your winnings because it sets up a potentially lucrative free spins round!

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Gift of Life Re-spin Wild: Mercy of the Gods

This is a highly popular NetEnt jackpot slot, because it is based on the intriguing theme of Ancient Egypt, which attracts a considerable following of loyal players. Highly visual and aesthetically impressive, you will come across an abundance of symbols while playing this.  

The lower value symbols include the ‘A,K,Q and J’ playing card style letters presented in a well-crafted Egyptian style format, while the higher value symbols include Tutankhanem, Scarab Beetles and Horus Falcons. Meanwhile, the rarest symbol of them all is the Female Explorer.

Perhaps what is different about this particular NetEnt jackpot slot compared to some of the others, is that the Gift of Life wild symbol can appear on all of the reels and as such, this triggers multiple sets of free re-spins, which presents the opportunity for more wilds to appear and as a result provides even more re-spins. Because of this, it can meaan that your potential winnings can be considerably high. 

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Which one is the best NetEnt Jackpot Wild?

There isn’t exactly a right answer to this, because it depends on what you are looking for from your NetEnt jackpot experience. While some wilds can be more lucrative, the theme of the jackpot slot might not necessarily appeal to your particular taste. 

However, NetEnt have really taken this into account when they develop their jackpot games, which is why there are so many different themes available. Of course, the jackpot prizes are not too bad either!