Best NetEnt Jackpot themes ranked

Published on the 2020-12-17

NetEnt jackpot fans have the opportunity and the privilege of being able to play on some of the very best jackpots that the online gambling industry has to offer. 

Having carved itself a sterling and almost unrivaled reputation in the iGaming software development world, NetEnt, have proven themselves to be a serious commodity and especially so from a jackpot slot perspective.

There are many different themes that NetEnt uses to create their jackpot slots and as a result, a lot of research goes into this from the beginning. 

Below we have explored some of the most popular and best NetEnt jackpot themes that are particularly attractive for players that you might like to make the most of this Christmas as well.

Greek Mythology

A theme that has increased in popularity over the last few years and which combines elements of history with with online gambling, it is easy to see why this NetEnt jackpot theme gets a lot of attention.

You can expect to see an array of Greek mythical symbols that are representative of this topic such as minotaurs, centaurs, serpents and giants, often appearing on a backdrop of  bright, vivid colours.

One particular NetEnt jackpot slot that is centered on Greek mythology is Divine Fortune, where you will find a vast array of creatures that are associated with this theme in kind. 

Perhaps one thing that gets overlooked in jackpot slots in the audio though the Greek mythology theme presents a great opportunity to be versatile. Indeed, one thing that you will find with Divine Fortune especially, is that the music is incredibly easy on the ear with particularly smooth notes which really complement the gameplay.

After such success with this theme, there is no reason why NetEnt would not continue to create more jackpot slots that are based on this and as a result these are definitely worth looking out for.

Ancient Egypt

This is one theme that a number of developers have adopted, though NetEnt have really explored this in great detail with their jackpot slots in particular, providing a considerable amount of realism to the player. 
Filled with everything that you can expect to find relating to this era, in terms of symbols which include sarcophoguses, scarab beetles and Horus birds on backdrops of ancient, sun-kissed pyramids, statues of Tutankhamun and numerous palm trees this theme really draws you into this popular era of history.

One NetEnt jackpot slot in particular that features this theme is the highly sought after Mercy of The Gods which is played all over the world and available at many different online casinos as is the strength of the NetEnt brand. All signs point to the fact that this is one theme that will continue to develop further in the future and here at Divine Jackpot you can be sure to find all of the latest news about the most recent develops. 

Norse mythology

Perhaps one of the rarer and newer themes in relation to NetEnt jackpot slots, however this is one that has yielded much success recently among enthusiasts. It is arguably one that inspires the most intrigue. 

While Greek mythology and Ancient Egypt are two themes that have dominated the jackpot niche over the last few years there has been a lot of traction with Norse mythology and as a result, NetEnt especially are one software provider who have cleverly identified that this has a huge market.

One of the reasons for this is because the Scandinavian region is a hotbed of online gambling activity and attracts a huge number of jackpot players from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and as a result, the software provider has been able to astutely capitalise on this. Indeed, they are one of the only companies in their sector who have identified Norse mythology as a theme that can be popular in the future in these markets which act as a catalyst to attract players from other countries, as the size of the jackpots increase further.

The beauty of this theme for players, because it isn’t that well known, is that it is also an education for players who will build up a basic foundation of knowledge about it. You can expect to come across such symbols of the main Norse Gods, including Thor, Idun, Loki, Freya and Odin.

One NetEnt jackpot slot in particular that is centered around this theme and which is arguably the most popular, is Hall of Gods where you can find five different reels and 20 paylines to enjoy.

Luxury and Elegance

If you win a jackpot, then the high life might be calling you and what NetEnt have done here is capitalise on a theme that shows you exactly what is possible if you strike it rich while playing one of their jackpots.

You can expect to find everything associated with the high life when exploring this theme with extravagant symbols ranging from supercars, gold watches and luxury yachts. 

The most popular NetEnt jackpot slot associated with this theme is Mega Fortune and it is easy to see why once you start playing, especially when you consider the size of the jackpot that is on offer to players. 

What other NetEnt themes might we see in the future?

Following NetEnt’s acquisition by Evolution Gaming, who have now rebranded as simply ‘Evolution’,  it will be interesting to see what fresh inspiration might lead to NetEnt uncovering more potential themes.

One of the software provider’s strengths lies in their market research and as a result of this, they commit a considerable amount of time towards identifying niches that potential players might find attractive.

While certainly historical themes have had the most draw for players so far, it could be that NetEnt start to look at current trends and create jackpot slots around popular culture, whether this be aligned to movies or even television series if they can get licensing approval