What NetEnt Jackpot slots have the best payouts?

Published on the 2020-12-17

There is no doubt that NetEnt jackpot slots are some of the potentially most lucrative in the industry when you take into account a number of factors, including the sterling reputation that the software provider has, as well as the time, effort, and expertise that goes into creating and developing them. 

Every NetEnt jackpot slot has a number of different unique selling points associated with them which range from stunning gameplay, multiple bonus rounds, frequency of wilds, and last but not least, payouts.

This factor is often the most important that players make a decision on when they are trying to choose a NetEnt jackpot slot because there are different things to take into account, though let’s take a look at exactly how the payouts work for the different jackpots that are available, based on the mechanics of the slots themselves.

Hall of Gods Jackpot Slot

This is definitely one of the most attractive NetEnt jackpot slots and for obvious reasons. Consistently boasting one of the largest jackpots, this is combined with a unique theme (Norse Mythology), as well as featuring payouts on a regular basis.

While there are might be a lot of players who participate in this jackpot slot, NetEnt have offset this by incorporating a medium to low volatility level, which means that you can expect to receive payouts on a semi regular basis. This means that while payouts are not high, they are generous enough to make sure that your bankroll is kept topped up so that you can keep on wagering to give yourself a chance to either land wilds and unlock bonus rounds or land the jackpot prize.

In addition to this, there are also 20 different paylines while the minimum that you can wager is £0.20 per spin and furthermore, there are two other jackpots available to win as well as the grand prize and as a result, both of these can drop at any time.

When it comes to the RTP (Return to Player), of this jackpot slot, the 95.3 percent to 95.7 percent payout rate refers to the fact that for every £100 that is wagered, you can expect a payout of just over £95 on average.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

The clue is perhaps in the name of this NetEnt jackpot slot. Obvious connotations mean that there is a bundle to be won on this if you can get it right. Because this is available at multiple different online casinos, this naturally follows that you can also make the most of generous welcome bonuses in order to really capitalise on your chances of being paid out on a frequent basis. This is backed up by a considerably low volatility level for this particular jackpot slot, which means that you can expect to be paid out low amounts but on a frequent basis. 

If you have opted into any of the available welcome bonuses as well depending on which of the many different online casinos that you signed up to, this means that your winnings will be added to this, and as a result, this can help your bankroll. Furthermore, every welcome bonus typically has wagering requirements attached to it anyway and these require you to wager your initial deposit a number of times anyway. 

Using these on the NetEnt Mega Jackpot slot and receiving frequent, albeit lower payouts could be one way to help mitigate your risk while adding to your bankroll and still keeping you in with a chance of winning a big prize, which can be a really effective strategy.

Following this, there are two other possible jackpots on offer with Mega Fortune, in addition to the main one which can all drop on a random occasion, while the £0.20 per spin is relative to your slot volatility level. Perhaps what is the most exciting element of the Mega Fortune jackpot slot, is that there is no cap on the possible jackpot size, while this also does not have a time limit associated with it either, which means you have endless possibilities. 

Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot

A jackpot slot, whose title has another obvious link to money, it is easy to understand why this one appeals to many different players around the world. Firstly, this slot regularly pays out significantly high jackpot prizes as is its demand, while it is available at a number of different online casinos.

With a return to player rate of 96.6 percent, this means that based on an average amount of spins, you can expect to receive a payout of £96.60 for every £100 wagered. Although the slot volatility is slightly higher (as such it is considered to be medium), this means that you do have to be a bit more patient, however, payouts are still reasonably regular but are often higher. What you have to factor in here though, and perhaps where the possible value lies, is that the minimum wagering amount is still £0.20 - the same as the aforementioned jackpot slots, which have a low volatility level. 

Perhaps the most important way in which you can leverage this to your advantage is to make sure that you can take advantage of a welcome bonus to help make sure your bankroll is kept topped up.

Another area where Divine Fortune also potentially has value to the player is with its wilds features, which if you can manage to activate them, can be arguably more rewarding than on any of the other jackpot slots. This is because you can continue to earn free spins as well as sets of multiple respins which do not cost you anything and as a result can significantly add to your overall payroll. As well as occurring in the main game, this can also materialise during the free spins mode and are activated as a ‘falling wild’.

Does this mean other NetEnt jackpot slots are not worth playing?

Not at all. As you will see, every NetEnt jackpot slot has its own unique selling point and generally speaking, they are all very noteworthy in their own right. While it is rare to find a jackpot slot with a very high volatility level, this is a good thing, because it maintains the interest of the player, which as a result, helps to increase the size of the jackpot. 

Ultimately, if you win the grand prize on any of the NetEnt jackpots, this can be life changing, though when it comes to deciding on a jackpot slot to play, everyone has their own different preferences, which is important