Why there is such a strong demand for NetEnt Jackpot Slots

Published on the 2021-01-04

Over the last few years, the popularity of NetEnt jackpot slots has risen considerably and it is easy to see why. Although those players who are new to the online gambling industry may not realise how highly sought after these are, they have a certain amount of weight to their importance. Especially for NetEnt.

This is because a significant amount of investment has gone into developing what they believe to be one of their standout and strongest asset classes which are their jackpot slots and which are even more popular than many of the slots that have been in circulation for the last couple of decades since the software company’s inception.

When the first NetEnt jackpot slot was released in 2008, they were firmly a household name in the online gambling world and had in fact been serving the online gambling industry since their launch in 1996. This meant that they had gained a substantial amount of credibility in a marketplace that was proving not only highly popular but also particularly competitive.

There are many reasons why NetEnt jackpot slots have proved to be such a popular hit with their fans over the years and below we have gone into detail about why they continue to draw in and retain online gambling jackpot slot fans.

Substantially sizeable jackpots

NetEnt jackpot slots boast some of the biggest jackpot amounts in the industry, which certainly acts as a testament to their popularity. In 2017 alone, NetEnt jackpot wins amounted to 321 which totalled a staggering €78.3 million for that year.

In fact, in the history of online gambling, NetEnt can claim a couple of the biggest wins from players who struck it lucky while playing on their jackpot slots.  This includes wins on the notably lucrative Mega Fortune jackpot slot, with two lucky winners netting €11.7 million and €17.8 million respectively, the latter being from Finland and staking c0.25 in January 2013, with the former being a 20-year-old from Norway in September 2011 on this low variance jackpot slot. 

Meanwhile, Hall of Gods is another NetEnt jackpot slot that has been responsible for making a number of millionaires after a payout of just over €7.8 million in April 2015, with this jackpot slot paying out in excess of €90 million over the years.

NetEnt continues to lead the way in the online gambling world when it comes to its jackpot slots and one of the main reasons for that is because they continue to payout the most to their loyal players.

This has been highlighted recently by NetEnt Chief Product Officer, Henrik Fagerlund “Our games are continuing to pay out life-changing winnings to players and to be able to win them €78 million in 2017 makes us all very proud.

“Mega Fortune Dreams alone has paid out around €30 million, but we must not forget Mega Fortune, Arabian Night and Halls of Gods, showing there’s more than one opportunity to win a life-changing amount of money with our pooled jackpots,” he continued.

“Being able to offer players the chance to win big is what keeps them coming back and we’re over the moon that we can repay their loyalty.”

Next generation gameplay

One of the main factors that NetEnt as a software provider to the online gambling industry prides itself on is the quality of its games and this is no different with its jackpot slots. As a result of this, there is a considerably huge emphasis on technological development and this ensures that they are constantly on the cutting edge of progressive advancement. 

There are a number of different elements that are responsible for this gameplay that players witness in the jackpot slots. Firstly, you would have to start with the graphics, which are a very important part of a jackpot slot experience. While these can sometimes be dictated by the theme of the particular title, there is no doubt that NetEnt executes the development of the graphical interface in a manner that more than exceeds expectations. 

For example, in the Mega Fortune jackpot slot, the graphics perfectly resemble elements of ‘the high life’ in stunning aesthetic detail, with a particularly realistically vivid background and sharp, precise symbols such as gold watches and luxury limousines. 

There has to be mention of the audio as well. One of the biggest challenges that software providers face when developing jackpot slots is ensuring that they get the audio right, especially in terms of matching it with the theme of the jackpot slot and then making sure that it is clear across all devices. It is evident that a considerable amount of research has gone into this element of gameplay - not only the audio theme tunes but the sound effects for certain actions as well, such as landing a wild or bonus round. They definitely appear to be complementary. 

Bonus Rounds and Wilds

These could be perceived by many players as the most important part of a jackpot slot and NetEnt has worked hard to make sure that these are as attractive as they can be for their fans. Every NetEnt jackpot slot has various different wilds which each have their own role and appear in many different forms.

For NetEnt jackpot fans, this is an important aspect in terms of what they look for from their experience of playing NetEnt jackpot slots. It is also one element in which the software provider differentiates from others and as a result of this, they are able to make sure that their bonus rounds and wilds are easily distinguishable across all of their jackpot slots.

These are presented to the player upon completion of a number of different tasks during a game and this is dependent on many variables such as the theme. For example, to unlock a bonus round, you might have to get ‘x’ amount of symbols consecutively or, line up a certain number of symbols at the same time. There is often logic to this based on the theme of the game. 

This means that, during the Mega Fortune jackpot slot for example, the bonus round is unlocked when the player lands a minimum of three consecutive bonus symbols going from left to right on a bet line which is considered to be active. 

Following this, players are then provided with a ‘bonus wheel’, which is a feature that helps Mega Fortune stand out. There are four different parts of the bonus wheel and each part has a number of segments and for each spin, the player can choose to stop the wheel to unlock a bonus prize. This in itself is one feature that NetEnt have implemented in an attempt to differentiate themselves. 

Bonus rounds in other jackpot slots can include ‘x’ amount of free spins or respins which can unlock free spins on each respin and as a result to the player, this can be potentially lucrative and also a great way to build up the bankroll. 

Wilds meanwhile, come in many different formats and are usually presented as the most valuable symbol in the game which can result in higher value bonus rounds. The Imperial Riches NetEnt jackpot slot for example, which is based on ancient Japanese culture features the ‘Golden Gong’ wild which is the most valuable symbol in the game among each of the different Japanese symbols and provides the player with a lucrative free spins round.

Final thoughts

Overall, it is fair to say that there are many reasons why NetEnt jackpot slots have such a big following. When you consider some of the locations of the players who have won the jackpots, with these being as diverse as Finland, UK and the USA you really start to understand that the strength of the brand and their global presence can be strongly attributed to this as well.