Software languages that are used to create NetEnt Jackpot Slots

Published on the 2021-01-04

When it comes to the creation of slots in general from a development perspective, there are many different factors that you probably have not even thought of if you are new to the world of online gambling.

NetEnt itself is one of the most recognised online gambling software providers in the industry and as a result of this is renowned for hiring only the very best technological expertise. 

This fundamentally includes computer programmers, many of whom are adept in many different coding languages all of which have their own unique benefits in terms of how they can enable a slot to function. Perhaps where NetEnt stands out among its competitors, is that the software provider has the expertise who can recognise the best languages to use in order to make sure that the player gets the best gameplay experience possible. 

There are many different coding languages and each one can be more useful for executing one task than another, while some are more suited to different industries. Programmers as a result are often responsible for identifying a particular coding language and then writing thousands of lines of code which are essentially tasks that perform a certain role. 

To the naked eye, these are presented as many seemingly random letters and numbers, but which when entered into a computer platform and submitted are understood and then carried out. The easiest way to think about it is as one giant jigsaw puzzle.

Also, one very important aspect that online casino software providers take into account is the fact that the vast majority of players use mobile devices for their online gambling experience and NetEnt was one of the first to identify this. As a result, they adopt a ‘mobile first’ approach when they are developing their titles, and because of this, the methodology differs somewhat in terms of how they program their games. 

Let’s take a look at the fundamental programming languages that NetEnt uses to make sure that their jackpot slots continue to stand out among their competitors. 


This has arguably become one of the most valuable programming languages in the world of online gambling, especially from a mobile standpoint. Initially, software providers would use a language called Java which became particularly prevalent in the early days of online casinos when players would use desktop.

The HTML 5 programming language is considerably important for Android and iOS devices and as a result of this, is equally versatile and effective on both for online casino players. The main impact that HTML 5 has had is that it has completely revolutionised a player’s online casino experience. This is because prior to the evolution of this language if an online casino wanted players to be able to deposit using their mobile device, they had to develop their own apps, using a separate language to java and this made the process inefficient for software providers. 

The biggest role that HTML 5 plays is that it enables software providers to develop casinos and slots for mobile players and combine all of the different elements under one umbrella. The advantage of this is that separate apps did not need to be developed and as a result, players could access a casino and/or slot using their mobile browser. 

This language also made sure that in the way that it was coded, that players would have a considerably smoother experience using touchscreen technology and NetEnt leveraged this to huge success with its revolutionary jackpot slots. It meant that players could enjoy these seamlessly, without having to worry about the fact that the slots essentially worked more effectively if using a mouse. 

In one fell swoop, the HTML 5 programming language made for a much better audio visual experience for slot game players because of the innovative new functionalities that are built into the language, which also provides a platform for higher resolution graphics and animation that NetEnt for example use in their jackpot slots. In addition to this, the language requires much less processing power than its predecessors for the roles to work effectively.

One thing that more seasoned jackpot players may have noticed in recent years is that the slots load a lot quicker because every necessary action is processed directly in the browser instead of relying on a third party technology.

Arguably the biggest benefit of the HTML 5 programming language and one that NetEnt has made sure they continue to build on is the significantly more robust security that it offers, making sure that it is virtually impenetrable to outside threats. 


This has been another key development in the online slots world. While HTML 5 focuses more on the technical elements of programming, Javascript, which is considered to be a high-level and dynamic programming language, was seen as a significant step forward for software providers due to the more creative ‘front end’ functions that it enabled.

JavaScript (also known as ‘JS’) essentially focuses on enabling the more prettier, aesthetic elements of online slots and was a dream for designers who found that this was a lot easier to code in due to the increased flexibility that it offered. At its best the JavaScript programming language is the reason why slots can do all of the wonderfully aesthetic tasks that you see occurring in your slot experience such as many different graphics appearing at once and merging together.

Predominantly this is focused around user experience because it enables everything to seamlessly slot into place in a slot. For example, cascading reels that you see in NetEnt jackpot slots are the work of  the JavaScript programming language and this communicates with HTML 5 simultaneously to make sure that certain elements of a slot can work effectively.

This is also key to the experience that a player receives while using their mobile device. When the language was first created in 2007, slot games were a lot more clunkier and it is no coincidecne that NetEnt’s first jackpot slot appeared one year later and was effectively a game-changer for the industry. 


Known as Structured Query Language, this is important for making sure that a slot can manage the data that it is provided with during the game play and communicates with the online casino’s databases to ensure a seamless player experience. 

It is this language which contributes in helping to make sure that a player’s slot progress is recorded if they lose internet connection and NetEnt were quick to realise that this would be fundamental if their jackpot slots were going to be a success. Extraodinary data management is the main benefit that is associated with this programming language, so from an online casino and slot perspective, it is absolutely vital. 

Tying it all together

By having programming languages which excel at different roles and functions, NetEnt can make sure that their players have the best experience possible while playing their jackpot slots. In addition to this, they are on the cutting edge of technology which means that they are always finding new ways to improve a player’s experience and as a result of this are continuously testing new programming languages.