Why Bitcoin could become a popular payment method for NetEnt Jackpot Slots

Published on the 2021-01-04

Such is the strength of NetEnt’s focus on emerging technology and staying right on the cusp of innovation, it would, therefore, come as no surprise to see them really start taking advantage of new advancements across the board. 

While their products and especially the software provider’s jackpot slots are arguably some of the most popular in the industry, making sure that their millions of fans have the opportunity to enjoy these to the fullest is always an ongoing priority for NetEnt. 

This occurs in many different ways. Making sure that they are the best that they can be on as many devices as possible is one such method while having them available across a number of regions is another.

However, perhaps one of the most notable factors in recent years relates to the number of different payment methods that are available to their players, which are as convenient and as reliable as possible. 

While we have already seen a considerable rise in the popularity of payment gateways such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill, there has also been significant traction with the Paybymobile method as well, which allows players to deposit via their mobile device, with the amount added on to a player’s phone bill instead of coming directly from a ‘traditional’ banking source.

In recent years a number of gambling operators have started to offer cryptocurrencies as payment methods and while this is still essentially in its infancy due to a lack of awareness of online gambling players about the possibilities, there is still considerable traction for a crossover. Furthermore, there are actually online casinos that are dedicated to cryptocurrencies, though these at the moment are still very niche. 

One very popular cryptocurrency though is Bitcoin and over the last three months, there has been a notable number of people using this across many industries and the potential for NetEnt to take advantage of this for its products and, as a result, increase awareness about this is definitely very big.

There are a number of factors to consider about how Bitcoin might become popular in the online gambling world and in some respects it is being seen as an ideal solution for a number of players when it comes to depositing and withdrawing at online casinos.  

Of course, though, there is still a considerable lack of awareness about how players can leverage Bitcoin to their advantage and what the best possible online gambling products might be in order to make sure that they are able to get the best experience possible when using this as a payment option.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that players should bear in mind and why jackpot slots represent a great opportunity for both NetEnt and their players to get the best playing experience.

Increased Anonymity

This highly popular digital currency brings with it a distinctive amount of anonymity for the user and, as a result, this is something that could be an attractive advantage for players. It means that, while there is robust technology in place to protect financial transactions, there is a lot more anonymity involved for the player, which if they win big, means that it is harder for the casino to identify who a particular player is. Security measures and the checking process though stays the same and the particular online casino will still likely do its due diligence before releasing funds if it is a large amount.

Not subject to Taxation

Due to the fact that currently, no country around the world has actually recognised Bitcoin as an actual real money currency, it means that it is not subject to any taxation, which is a particularly great advantage to the player. Because of this, it can be very beneficial to you, especially if you enjoy a substantially big win, while the deposit and withdrawal process brings with it even more benefits, not least the fact that there are no bank fees involved for any transactions.

Fast Transactions

The digital world already moves at a considerably fast rate and none more so than in the online gambling industry. Because of the fact that Bitcoin is decentralised as a currency, it, therefore, means that every transaction made using can essentially be classed as instant. The reason for this is because there are absolutely no intermediaries involved when compared to online payment gateways such as PayPal, which means that as soon as you make the deposit to the casino via your Bitcoin wallet, the funds are available straight away to use.

 It is in the opposite direction though, where this is even more beneficial because when you make a withdrawal of winnings, it means that as soon as the online casino authorises this, your funds are immediately available in your Bitcoin wallet. Compared to other payment methods, this is a huge advantage because this can sometimes take a couple of days for the funds to appear depending on which payment method that you use. 

Potentially more value

While Bitcoin can be extremely volatile, the most important thing to remember is to make sure that you understand exactly how it works, though once you do, it means that you are able to use it to your advantage and online gambling - NetEnt jackpot slots, in particular, represent a great way in which to do this.

Over the last few months, Bitcoin has exploded in value and if you have been holding Bitcoin for a while you could already have a substantial amount of profit. Using just some of this for NetEnt jackpot slots, which are some of the biggest paying in the industry, for one thing, means that you could be depositing perhaps the equivalent of £10 worth of Bitcoin, which perhaps two months ago was worth £3. Imagine you win a the grand jackpot prize with this and have the winnings paid from sterling into Bitcoin at this rate. 

It would mean automatically that even as the winnings hit your Bitcoin wallet, they will be substantially more than what had been advertised at by the jackpot, due to how much Bitcoin is worth. Of course, this can also go against you if the price of Bitcoin goes down, which is why it is really important to make sure that you know how the currency works, though this is arguably the most potentially exciting reason why this could be a very popular payment method for NetEnt jackpot slots in particular. As mentioned already - they have vastly bigger payouts than their competitors, which means that it makes sense to use Bitcoin for these.

Bonuses and Promotions

Of course, these can be a great way to really make the most of NetEnt jackpot slots anyway, though when you combine this with the utilisation of Bitcoin, it makes for even more potential. This is because, when it comes to deposit bonuses, if you make a deposit using Bitcoin and then go on to then use this on a NetEnt jackpot slot, the value of your deposit in Bitcoin terms is less, though in sterling it adds up to the same, without jeapordising the percentage that you receive back as a matched deposit. 

Final thoughts

Weighing everything up, the first thing to do if you are considering using Bitcoin as a form of payment method for playing jackpot slots, is your research. Make sure that you know how the currency works and are aware of all of the risks, but at the same time the benefits as well. There is no doubt that NetEnt have the best jackpot slots for you to make use of your Bitcoin to make sure that you get the best value, especially the highly lucrative Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights jackpot slots!