How has NetEnt’s oldest jackpot slot stood the test of time?

Published on the 2021-02-18

Arguably some of the best ever products have been in existence for decades. Look at the biggest brands in the world; McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Disney. They have all been around for well over 100 years in total if you combined all of the years that each company has been in operation.

There are a many number of products that are simply timeless because they continue to have such a strong demand from customers and as a result, this leads to contributing towards their impressive longevity within their respective industry.

This is no different in the online gambling industry, especially with some products which have been around for decades. In particular slots. More specifically, in this case, jackpot slots. 

Although jackpot slots have only really become massively popular recently, there are a couple that have had a strong following for a long time and this is down to a number of different reasons.

There is though, one that stands out in the world of online jackpots. The jackpot slot in question here is Arabian Nights.  Released to the market in 2005, this is one of the oldest in the online jackpot world and in fact this was online software developer, NetEnt’s first release.

Despite the company being founded in 1996, which makes it one of the oldest and also most respected software provider in the online gambling industry, it wasn’t until the early 2000s when the company started to realise the sheer amount of potential and also value that jackpot slots could also add to their respective and possible, future clients.

As a result of this, they strategically began their research into developing a jackpot slot that they thought could have an instant impact and started searching for an idea for a jackpot slot that could not only attract a lot of players but do so on a consistent basis over a substantial period of time.

With many different ideas for themes researched, they soon came to the conclusion that turned out to be an inspirational masterstroke. The idea that they stumbled upon was so genius, though yet also, so obvious and when you think about it, the reason why it is still so popular makes complete sense.

Realising that Disney is one of the most popular products in the world, they decided that this would lead to the inspiration behind their maiden jackpot slot. In addition, it was also perhaps, one of the most popular Disney film releases that their first was based on. With the film being released in 1992, this was still at the time just as popular as it was a decade earlier.

This led to the creation of Arabian Nights, based on the popular Disney classic film. Due to the fact that this was their first jackpot slot and arguably a litmus test they knew that it needed considerable pulling power because it could mean that if it wasn’t popular, then players would be hesitant to trust future ones.

It was a highly savvy decision; in fact, Disney movies rank in a lot of people’s top 10 movie choices and are often a safe bet. As such once the idea was agreed upon, design and development plans began to flow in earnest; the ‘genie was out of the bottle’ so to speak and key decision-makers were quick and also keen to make sure they had their input.

As a result, it meant that any recreation of this movie as a jackpot slot needed to be executed sympathetically and there was a highly methodical process involved. With any jackpot slot, planning is key, and when you factor in the software that was around at the time, with sophisticated strides forward being made since then, the contribution that was made from all involved is nothing short of genius.

Ultimately, making sure that players could quickly identify with the theme was crucial towards ensuring that they first, kept coming back, but also tell their friends about it. 

Elements that make the NetEnt Arabian Nights Jackpot Slot so popular

Firstly, the fact that the slot was created by NetEnt gives this a considerable amount of credibility in the marketplace and this did help somewhat at the time of its release. This is because it already had slots and games in the marketplace that were already popular. However, this was a new breed of online gambling product and effectively it could have been tricky for the company had their first jackpot slot not succeeded.

The first thing that strikes you is that the design that went into the jackpot slot was as accurate as it could be in many ways to the movie, with regards to graphics and also relevant images.  With a considerable amount of symmetry between the movie and the jackpot slot in terms of the graphics, this makes for a pleasurable experience for the player, especially those who remember the movie fondly.

Players can take a trip down memory lane as they can come across features from the movie that are represented as symbols in the slot such as the lamp and the genie, however, try as you might, you will not find the legendary Robin Williams doing any kind of voiceover.

With a backdrop that is for all intents and purposes designed with the main image appearing to replicate the Sultan’s palace, bordered by tall, exotic palm trees on either side of the reels, this does in a sense give you a feeling of de ja vu if you have seen the movie. 

The gameplay is also different in a fun way, especially when you factor in the classic Arabian themed music that is so fondly remembered by fans of the Aladdin movie. 

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the Arabian Night’s jackpot slot, is that it has one of the biggest payouts of a NetEnt production on a consistent basis which generally is in the region of mid-seven figures.

Why you should give the Arabian Nights Jackpot Slot a try

If you have been looking for a different kind of jackpot slot experience for some time, then this could be the one for you. This is especially the case if you are a Disney fan as well and enjoy journeying back in time. 

While there are other newer jackpot slots from NetEnt that invariably have better graphics because of improved software and technology, there is still a high chance that you will appreciate the work that has gone into developing this. Then there is the size of the jackpot that is available with this even beating the vast majority of other jackpot slots that have been released to the marketplace since.

After all, there is a reason why it is still around today and still attracts a lot of players and if you give it a chance, it could well be that you might just be surprised. While it might be too early to call it the Coca-Cola of jackpot slots, there is certainly a good chance that it will leave a sweet taste in your mouth!