Does the time of day make a difference when playing jackpot slots

Published on the 2021-03-16

What is the secret to winning jackpot slots? It is perhaps, the million dollar question and undoubtedly, one which many people have asked over the years. Some would argue that it could be how much you wager, following the speculate to accumulate approach. Others might counter that the number of players involved at the time might have something to do with it. However, there could well be one factor that has not been considered, and when you think about it, this might have some logic involved in it.

That is, the time of day that people decide to play jackpot slots. There are many different types of jackpots in slots, with a number having more than one, which gives players more of an incentive to keep spinning the reels. 

For example, there could be one that is required to drop at a certain pre-set time, one that can be won when it hits a certain amount, and another that simply must be won during an allotted time period.

What this does is make the experience more exciting for players, because they know that they are playing for more than one, which gives them a psychological boost due to the fact that the chances of them winning something have increased.

However, what a lot of people do not realise is that there are potentially 10s of thousands of participants playing the jackpot slot from all around the world and possibly even more, because of the number of jackpots that are on offer to be won. 

That really begs the question; does the time of the day have an influence on whether a player can win a jackpot?

When it might increase your chances

A lot of this is down to luck, though, for this particular instance, the timing would be everything. If you choose to play a jackpot slot where you know there is more than one to be won, and one of them being at a pre-set time during the day, then timing your activity is everything. 

The difficulty is that you may not know what time it is due to drop so this could well present a hard challenge. Because of this, the majority of players who choose this tactic might decide to what they see as ‘play it safe’ and log in during the early afternoon, which would represent an average time.

However, there is a potential flaw in this approach. If the jackpot slot is available in many different countries around the world, then you would have to take into account the different time zones, in addition to the fact that players in other countries may consider the morning as the best time to play. 

Another strategy might well be to play a jackpot slot late at night when other potential players have either gone to bed or given up because they have lost hope that they will win anything. The fact is that when there are fewer players participating in the jackpot slot, this automatically increases your chances significantly of being able to win and it is especially true in this scenario if it is much later in the day when the jackpot hasn’t been won, but also when a lot more money has been deposited from other players to no avail.

The beauty of this also, is that you also have so many different jackpot slots to choose from - especially NetEnt jackpot slots, where the grand prize pools are usually a substantially life changing amount.

As a result of this, while a lot of players, especially those who are new to the industry often do not have a strategy when it comes to playing jackpot slots and because of this, are usually impatient, thinking that the more they wager the likelier they are to win, with jackpot slots the concept is different. 

It could mean that for a short period of time, they will wager a substantial amount and then give up because they become impatient and disillusioned and may not necessarily fully understand how jackpot slots work, especially relating to the finer points.

The argument here and by extension the most logical strategy for more seasoned players would be to wait until the jackpot prize is huge, on the premise that those who have grown it to that point will no longer be playing.

You see this happen a lot with slot machines or jackpot slot machines in land-based casinos. The major and subtle difference with these is that they can only hold a certain amount of money before the jackpot has to fall. It is not uncommon for more experienced and savvy people, in pubs especially, which tends to attract a lot of inexperienced chancers to their slot machines, to observe the machine for a few hours, or even over the course of a few days and see how it behaves with different players. As a result, if it does not pay out or only does so in very small amounts over that particular period, then there is a good chance that it is ready to.

That is when the more seasoned players who know how slot machines work will make their move and invariably they are successful in their judgment call. In online gambling, there is a similar principle that can be related, though it is made quite a lot more complicated due to the fact that there is not a physical entity involved that only has so much capacity.

Where it differs with jackpot slots though, is that often they will have time limits in place for when each jackpot needs to be won which means if players start playing later in the day (assuming that it has not paid out), then they are dramatically increasing their chances of winning. 

Some players may even play a couple of jackpot slots at one time, from different devices and at different online casinos, in order to try and increase their chances. This could especially be the case if both of these jackpots are considerably big.