How does jackpot size rank over the player experience for NetEnt jackpot slots?

Published on the 2021-04-13

While NetEnt has an impressive array of jackpot slots with an extraordinary amount that can be won on some of their top titles, there are many other factors that come into play. It begs the question; is the size of the jackpots the biggest selling point for fans of NetEnt jackpot slots?

There is no doubt at all that NetEnt is a software provider that has been responsible for some of the biggest payouts in the online gambling industry when it comes to jackpot slots and as a result, there is no coincidence why they are so sought after.

However, this isn’t by accident and if the size of the jackpots was all that made them so popular, then they certainly would not be as in demand as they are and attract players from all over the world.

Indeed, the expertise that goes into creating and developing these jackpot slots is due to no small part, NetEnt as a slot provider itself. You only have to explore the variety that is on offer to understand this and upon doing so, it will be easy to notice that they all have a unique theme which helps to perfectly characterize what they are all about. These themes are cleverly chosen and the result of insightful research that enables NetEnt to aim each one at a particular type of demographic.

Theme differentials of NetEnt jackpot slots

The true beauty of NetEnt jackpot slots is that each one appeals to a different individual, based on their tastes and preferences. For example, Mega Fortune perfectly illustrates what it is like to live the ‘high life’ and this is depicted in the theme. With a backdrop of glitz and glamour, players find themselves faced with luxury from the offset and they encounter such symbols as yachts and gold watches. It is worth mentioning though, that a lucky player won in excess of £17 million while playing this jackpot slot in 2013 so the rewards can also be just as good as the gameplay.

At the other end of the scale is Arabian Nights which is the oldest NetEnt jackpot slot, but is still as popular now than it has ever been. This truly tells you that despite being the oldest, there is something about this, which is testament to the developers themselves. Being the first jackpot slot that they developed, they knew that for the sake of their reputation, they had to get it right and they duly delivered. Astutely choosing a theme that is in many respects, timeless, Arabian Nights was designed around Disney’s Aladdin and as a result, there are many similarities including such symbols as a lamp and a genie. Because it is the oldest jackpot slot in the NetEnt collection, this is reflected in the graphics (it could even be classed as ‘retro’!), however, it does not by any means prevent this from being unpopular. Also, it still even has one of the biggest jackpots on offer!

Another theme that NetEnt has capitalised on expertly is Ancient Egypt, one that has become increasingly popular with online gambling in recent years. NetEnt though got there ahead of their competitors with the release of Mercy of the Gods, and as a result, the popularity of the slot reflects this, as proven by the size of the jackpot. However, this is also a fascinating theme among players, mainly due to the fact that it ranks as one of the most intriguing periods of history, especially when you factor in all of the quirky traits that exercises players’ curiosity. These are personified by way of symbols that include scarab beetles and Horus birds.

Norse mythology is another theme that has become increasingly popular and NetEnt’s Hall of Gods jackpot slot perfectly highlights this. In creating Hall of Gods, NetEnt also tapped into an interesting topic that inspires intrigue. Because Norse mythology wasn’t all that widespread at the time it allowed them to really tap into a player’s imagination and provide players with images of all-conquering Norse Gods along with connotations to Vikings. It is meanwhile, a very respectable slot when it comes to winnings, with over £17 million being won in total over the years.


This plays a key role for NetEnt jackpot fans and, by extension for online slot players in general. Being one of the leading software providers in the industry, NetEnt has the best talent available when it comes to design and development. As a result of this, their jackpot slots are not only created in line with their particular theme but also to an expert degree. This is reflected in many ways with the gameplay which combines great use of the right colours with relevant visual effects that only enhances a player’s experience and entices them to keep playing.

Each slot is also sympathetically created as well to encapsulate the right mood. Take Arabian Nights for example. Player’s expectations match up with reality as they are immediately taken back to the popular Disney movie and they can perfectly relate how the slot is designed with what they remember. 

Bonus Rounds

These are a particular selling point for any online slot player and NetEnt jackpot fans find that there is very little to be disappointed about when it comes to bonus rounds. In all of the NetEnt jackpot slots, the bonus rounds differ in terms of what players need to do in order to unlock them and they are often linked to being specific with the theme of the actual slot. 

It could be that a player needs to line up a certain amount of bonus symbols in a row to give them a chance to progress to a more exciting feature that may or may not be accompanied by free spins. 

There are also wilds that play an important role in bonus rounds and NetEnt jackpot slots are known for their creative wild symbols which have a major influence on the progression of the slot itself.

What is the verdict?

It would be remiss to say that players are only attracted to NetEnt jackpot slots, because of the amount that they could win if they hit the grand prize because so much more goes into creating these. When considering factors such as the immersive gameplay, features, and the highly innovative themes that these jackpot slots are based on, there is a lot more to these that players are attracted by than just the jackpot. Sure, this of course plays a factor, and the unpredictable nature of how slots work means that players can win big at any moment, though they can also keep growing their bankroll throughout. Overall, there are many different elements that influence a player’s decision to play NetEnt jackpot slots.