Desktop, tablet, or mobile device for playing NetEnt Jackpot slots?

Published on the 2021-04-29

Playing jackpot slots provides players with a highly immersive experience, especially NetEnt titles, though the question is, what is the best kind of device to play these on? 

Are there some jackpot slots that suit certain devices better? What are the benefits of each device for playing NetEnt jackpot slots? These are questions that have not really been explored and due to the fact that this is an industry that has gathered a significant amount of pace over the last few years, this guide will help you to reach a better and more informed decision.

One of the first things to consider when you are trying to choose what device would be best is to decide what is important to you and what you want from your jackpot gaming experience. It is worth drawing up a list as this will be able to help you come to a better conclusion. The beauty of it is that, regardless of the kind of device that you choose, there are many different models of each available and each of these have their own unique features, advantages and benefits that can be applied to your time spent playing jackpots.

Below we have explored the three different options that are available and have weighed up the pros and cons of each.


This was the first (and only!) option that players had at one time, though even desktop computers have evolved over the years as the technology has improved. Laptops now are essentially considered to be desktops and despite being more portable, the majority are still considered by many people to be too inconvenient.

However, you can get some extremely powerful models and if graphics are important to you, this is where laptops can be beneficial, especially if it has a graphics card that is built in. Some players prefer laptops because they like to sit at a desk in their home office for example and not have to worry about holding anything.

Having a mouse can arguably make the experience much better for players as they like the advantages that this provides such as easier navigation, while laptops also have a much bigger screen so it is easier to see what is happening. NetEnt jackpot slots such as Hall of Gods look particularly impressive on a laptop because it really helps to accentuate the highly vivid graphics that the slot is designed around, with the characters (Gods) coming across as almost life-like.

Another great advantage of playing on a laptop, compared to a mobile device for example, is that there is less of a risk of being distracted. For example if you are playing on your smartphone and you are at a crucial stage such as a bonus round, there is a high possibility that you could be interrupted by a phone call or an important WhatsApp message. In addition, laptops generally have more memory and processing power which means that the slots can be faster and there is less of a chance of progress being delayed.


Perhaps offering the best of both, tablets are a great compromise to laptops and mobile devices, especially for playing jackpot slots. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, with a tablet, you still have a decent sreen size which means that you are still able to see what is happening, which is important and this could especially be great for those who are new to playing.

Depending on the model as well, the graphics are still good due to the technology that some of the models incorporate, while you can also find tablets at a reasonable price. A tablet is especially ideal if the gambling operator that you are using has its own native app, because you can have this on the home screen of your tablet and quickly be logged in with just the tap of the app icon which saves you from opening up a search engine.

Portability also makes tablets great for jackpot slots because they are small enough to carry around and use whether you are travelling (with a WiFi connection), or around your house if you are moving between different rooms. Even if you are playing somewhere that does not have a WiFi connection, you are still able to tether your mobile device to it and play via 4G or 5G, however there is a risk that you lose connection if your smartphone drops out of coverage.

A downside of using a tablet for playing jackpot slots though is that you have to constantly use your hands on the screen, which might after a while start to become uncomfortable, while it also might be easy to become distracted if you have anything happening in the background which could cause you to lose focus on your progress.

Overall though, most NetEnt jackpot slots are ideal for tablets and even the older slots, which might not necessarily have been developed using the latest graphics such as popular title Arabian Nights, still provide a great visual experience because of the advanced screen resolution of the hardware.


Throughout the last decade, mobile has become arguably one of the most important assets of an online casino. Every new casino site, now adopts a ‘mobile first’ approach when they are designing and developing their brand, because they know that the majority of their visitors will be reaching them via a mobile device.

The demand for mobile casinos has developed due to the advancement in the technology of mobile devices over the last few years, with every mobile brand almost being in an arms race with one another to develop the best type of smartphone.

Using a smartphone to play jackpot slots is undoubtedly the most popular method for players, quite simply due to the convenience and is essentially what could be described as online gambling from your pocket.

One potential issue that players might have a problem with is screen size and navigation because some might find it hard to clearly see what is happening while they are playing. However, most online casinos now have their own mobile app which increases performance and as a result makes it more convenient.

A particular selling point of playing via a smartphone though is that the vast majority of online casinos now offer the Paybymobile banking method which allows you to quickly make a deposit while you are playing and this is then charged to your mobile phone bill. Also, very good smartphones have become even more affordable, which means you could very easily get an older model of a good brand and still be guaranteed great performance.

What is the verdict?

This obviously depends on what your tastes are - virtually everyone has a mobile device anyway, though if you are looking for the best of both in terms of convenience, performance, and compatibility, you may want to consider a tablet for playing NetEnt jackpot slots so that you get the best of both worlds.