What sets NetEnt Jackpots apart from other software providers

Published on the 2021-04-29

For a long time, NetEnt has led the way in the jackpot slot world in the online gambling industry and it is easy to understand why. While there are other software providers who do have jackpot slots, this is an area that the Swedish company was keen to forge a great reputation for themselves in.

There are many reasons why the software provider is seen as an almost standalone in this particular niche and with the growth of such an area, due to the vast amounts of life-changing sums of money that can be won this will only get better.

Let’s explore some of the different reasons why NetEnt undoubtedly leads the way in the jackpot slot sector.

Unparalleled expertise

Since the birth of NetEnt in 1996, almost right at the beginning of the online gambling revolution, the company has placed a firm emphasis on attracting and hiring the best talent in the industry.

An industry sector that is focused almost singularly on technology, this was seen as a key factor in being able to establish themselves as one of the leading software providers in the online gambling development niche.

From the very beginning, the company set about with a highly forensic strategy of identifying areas where they needed to build if they were to grow at the rate that they wanted to, and almost immediately, their slot games were an overnight success. While other software companies, such as Microgaming (NetEnt’s closest competitor), were already following a similar path, the name that NetEnt managed to build for themselves helped them to forge a sterling reputation very quickly.

In the mid nineties, the internet was still very much experimental, especially in terms of software development and exploring what could be done in order to offer the very best experience for online gambling players. This meant, as a result, that NetEnt had to constantly be right at the forefront of innovation in order to stay ahead of the game.

It was crucially important that they could develop the very best technology in order to make their products as good as they could be, and starting with their slot games they soon began to make sophisticated strides. 

When the company first realised the potential value of jackpot slots, they knew that they must get their first one right. A lot of research, time and investment went into exploring an idea for a jackpot slot which was key to making sure that they could attract players and that it was a success.

As a result, Arabian Nights became their first jackpot slot which became available to players in 2006. This idea proved to be a masterstroke because they had identified a theme that was one of the most popular in the world, deciding to base their maiden jackpot slot on the magnetic Disney theme. 

This was loosely based on the popular movie Aladdin and as a result, the gameplay reflected many similarities such as having symbols like the lamp and the genie, with a background of a palace. In addition, the audio also reflected music that was very alike to Aladdin and this jackpot slot continues to be a big hit with fans.

The success of this would not have been possible without having the right talent in place, who, through market research was able to pinpoint a theme that would be universally liked by not only online gambling fans, but also as a way to attract new players. Ever since, each jackpot has been a hit with players, though it was Arabian Nights that helped to build the company’s reputation in the jackpot niche. 

Attractive jackpots

Arguably another area that has helped NetEnt jackpot slots to become so popular is in the size of the jackpots that players can win. The software provider has been responsible for some of the biggest payouts in the history of jackpot slots, paying out into the mid 10s of millions.

Because of the nature of how jackpot slots work, and of course the reputation of NetEnt, it means that they get a lot of players participating in their jackpot slots on a regular basis across many different online casinos. This in itself helps to add to the size of the jackpots, though some jackpot slots are more popular than others for a number of reasons.

However, one of the biggest attractions for players to NetEnt jackpot slots is because of the size of the jackpots on offer. Sometimes, this can be because of the fact that they know how much has been won previously and as a result, the psychology of this attracts them to play. In other cases, it appeals to their particular tastes, such as the theme and the branding, as well as even the user journey within the jackpot slot itself.

Immersive mobile experience

The online gambling industry has witnessed a dramatic surge in popularity over the last decade of players using their mobile devices to play jackpot slots. One of the reasons for this is because the technology of smartphones has improved drastically and the operating systems that are incorporated into such devices reflect this. 

Now, software providers take a ‘mobile first’ approach to developing and designing new products, and, as a result, NetEnt leads the way in this. Already, their jackpot slots have some of the slickest designs, though when played on a good mobile device, compared to a desktop computer, players are greeted with an even more graphically immersive user experience.

This also enables jackpot fans to play while they are on the move if they are somewhere that has a strong WiFi connection, and this along with the ability to not be restricted to a laptop means that they do not miss out on a potentially lucrative win. 

Great branding

The designers at NetEnt must take a lot of credit for the creation of NetEnt jackpot slots and really bringing these to life. A lot of thought goes into making sure that they can create branding that is sympathetic and highly relevant to the theme of the jackpot. This is especially the case for the Mega Fortune jackpot slot which places a lot of emphasis on luxury and living the high life.

As a result, this is reflected in how the jackpot slot is designed with high end watches and yachts examples of some of the symbols that you can come across while you are playing.

Many jackpot fans do not appreciate how much work goes into making sure that the branding is relevant to the theme of the slot and the rigorous testing that is involved before it is released to the market, though this is one area that NetEnt excel in and as a result, stands out significantly from their competitors.