Why is the RNG so important in Jackpots

Published on the 2021-04-29

While it may seem that jackpot slots are straightforward, there is a lot more to them than you might initially think.

There are many important components and aspects that relate to these, especially from a technical perspective and these essentially make them work and help to make sure that the player experience is as good as it can be.

Although for players the most exciting part is the potential payouts and even how the jackpot slot looks and also the gameplay, a lot of these technical elements make sure that the slot can function as it should, especially from a fairness perspective.

One of these components is the RNG (Random Number Generator). You may have heard this mentioned or seen the word, however, this is very crucial for not just jackpot slots, but also every slot.

What does an RNG do in a jackpot slot?

The main purpose of a random number generator in a jackpot slot ultimately is to make sure that the slot is fair for the players and as a result, it is programmed in such a way technically so that it is able to function like this.

There are a lot of gamblers online who do not know too much about the random number generator in slots and how it works, though there is more to this than meets the eye, and as such have a lot of things associated with them than you may first think.

Perhaps the most crucial part of an online jackpot slot that has helped the industry to make sophisticated strides forward was the implementation of the random number generator.

They are made up of advanced, mathematical algorithms as a result of highly sophisticated statistical programming, which is designed to provide a guarantee that each outcome within a jackpot slot and slot game remains completely random. 

Each NetEnt jackpot slot game that has legitimate certification contains an RNG and, as such, this assists in making sure that every result is fair as well as random. As such, each jackpot slot that NetEnt create is tested considerably before they become available at online casinos.

When a jackpot slot has random number generators, this guarantees each spin that a player actions includes a lot of different possibilities and these are determined by an algorithm (which is a sequence of numbers) and as such there are 10s of millions of potential outcomes.

Because of this, the RTP percentage (Return to Player) of the jackpot slot contributes significantly to this and it is affiliated with the random number generator, especially from a game play perspective. 

It is often the case that these can vary between 93 and 99 percent and this essentially helps to paint a picture of the frequency of the payout of the jackpot slot. 

There is no doubt, that the random number generator though is the most crucial part and as a result, the main characteristic that helps to set random and compensated slots apart from each other. 

How can you be sure that a jackpot slot contains an RNG?

When you find a jackpot slot at an online casino, the most important thing to do, is to firstly, check that this has licensing in place. This could be from such regulatory bodies as the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), or the GGC (Gibraltar Gambling Commission), to name just a few.

What these licensing bodies do is perform regular checks of online casinos, to make sure that they are operating in a fair manner and these are in place for the protection of the player. It is illegal for online casinos to offer products, such as jackpot slots to players that in any way appear to be anything but 100 percent fair.

You will also notice that when a casino site is licensed, that it will also have the branding of a particular testing agency on its site. This also lends further legitimacy that the casino site is as authentic as it can be.

Testing agencies play a very important part for an online casino, especially with regards to making sure that it is credible and players can take a lot of confidence from this. The reason why this is is that these testing agencies are responsible for making sure that all of the slots are fair.

As a result and also the way that they do this is one of their key roles is to spin the reels on each and every slot thousands of times, to make sure that each slot is as fair and random as it can be. Testing agencies, often have very clever and sophisticated software that does this which is programmed with every imaginable variable to identify anything that appears to make the slot unfair or give the particular online casino an unfair advantage over the player.

There may be times when you are playing a slot, especially a jackpot slot when you think that it could be biased to an online casino and this might be the case if you keep losing on every spin. The fact is though, that if the casino site where you are playing has the seal of approval from a regulatory body as well as a testing agency, it means that you can be sure that each product that they offer, is fair.

Characteristics of a random number generator in jackpot slots

Most jackpot slots, especially NetEnt slots in particular often have more than one jackpot on offer and these can have different purposes. For example, one could be programmed to drop at a certain time, another could be programmed to drop when it reaches or goes over a certain amount in terms of money and another could be programmed to drop at any given point.

The reason why the random number generator is so important in this case, is that one of the characteristics that is associated with an RNG, is that it is cleverly programmed to have no memory.

This means that it has no idea what the outcome of the last spin was and essentially, there is every chance that this could be repeated. While statistical probability indicates that the chances of this happening are very rare, it nevertheless means that it could happen, because the RNG has no memory.

It is one of the things that helps to make a jackpot slot so exciting and popular because players know that the jackpot prizes that are on offer could drop at any time and in most cases, this keeps players focused and, ultimately hooked.

At Divine Jackpot, you will find that every NetEnt jackpot slot that we recommend is fair and as a result is the subject of continuous and thorough testing.