Great strategies for playing Jackpot Slots

Published on the 2021-08-06

There is no doubt that jackpot slots have enormous popularity in the online gambling world and this is only emphasised by the fact that more and more online casinos now have an abundance of jackpot slot options for players, especially NetEnt titles.

Jackpot slots have many different reasons associated to them as to why they are so popular and why people play them. While these vary considerably and can veer on the side of curiousity, there are of course many that are quite mainstream, not least of which as a way to try and win a lifechanging amount of money. 

Other reasons include that some people simply like to play as a way of just relieving stress and enjoy how they work; the bright colours, theme and sounds, and as a result are able to stick to a budget that they set. 

However, for those people who enjoy playing jackpot slots on a regular basis, there are a number of different strategies that they can use in order to at least try and maximise their chances of winning. While none of these are foolproof, based on the fact that gambling is completely random, some players do find these useful. 

One thing to bear in mind is that compared to normal slots, jackpot slots are a completely different nature in terms of how they work and as a result, they essentially take on a whole new meaning. If you are playing to try and win the jackpot prize or one of them (some jackpot slots have more than one), then quite a lot of patience and a sizeable bankroll is required, though, even then, there are still no guarantees of winning. Let’s take a look at seven strategies that people use while they are playing jackpot slots.

Choose a high RTP rate

There are many different elements of a jackpot slot, especially in terms of the technical mechanics. The RTP (Return to Player) rate is arguably one of the most important, because this gives you an idea of how often the jackpot slot will pay out, based on the frequency. For example, if a title has an RTP rate of 98 percent, this means that for every £100 that you wager, on average, you can statistically expect to get back £98 over a quantifiable period of time. 

This is an important factor when you are playing a jackpot slot, especially if your aim is to try and win the grand prize (or one of them). It is because the focus with jackpot slots, for those players who are in the know is to try and maintain a steady bankroll, where you are not making deposits on a regular basis, but can use frequent ‘winnings’ to keep your jackpot journey alive. 

Another reason why this is important is because of the amount of bonus levels that are available on some jackpot slots and the more that you play, the more likely that you are to be able to gain access to these which can then increase your winnings or even unlock more bonuses such as free spins, or wilds that have x10 multipliers. 

Have a strong WiFi connection

While it is possible to still play jackpot slots using a mobile network, this can cause problems, if all of a sudden this loses connection. Although casino sites do save your progress when you are playing, if anything like this happens, with a jackpot slot, you could miss the chance of the jackpot dropping at a critical moment. 

As a result, it is highly recommended that you make sure that you are in a place that has a strong WiFi connection, whether this is in your home, or if you are playing on a long train journey for example, make sure that this is reliable. 

Choose the volatility level that is right for you

With jackpot slots, the recommended volatility level, if you do not have a big bankroll is one that is low. Again, this is one of the more important technical elements of a jackpot slot and can make all the difference. A jackpot slot that has a low volatility level is likely to pay out small amounts on a regular basis, which is great for keeping your bankroll topped up, which often means that you can play for longer and as a result, not have to keep making deposits. 

Jackpot slots that have a high volatility level tend to have the trait of paying out more infrequently on average compared to low volatility slots, though when they do this is for larger amounts. If you have a large bankroll already, this can keep you going and as such, could be the one for you. When you do receive a large payout, this can be great, because if you also land wilds and bonus rounds as well, you could find yourself with enough to keep playing for a substantial period of time or, you may be happy enough with the payout to cashout completely.

Set a limit

If you are someone who plays jackpot slots regularly, you will know that sometimes, your luck is simply not with you. Though, if you get frustrated easily, you could end up making several deposits every day in your attempt to try and hold out for the jackpot. This can be dangerous and it is important to remember that there are many different jackpot slots to choose from and you can always play whenever you want.

By setting a daily limit, it means that you are significantly reducing the risk of becoming addicted. Here at, we take Responsible Gambling very seriously and if you feel that you might be starting to have a problem, then it is advisable to get in touch with an organisation that can help.