Why are jackpot slots so popular in the online gambling industry?

Published on the 2021-08-06

There is no doubt that the online gambling industry is one of the biggest in the world and ever since it really came to prominence in the early 2000s, it has been here to stay. From traditional casino games to innovative slots, the industry literally has everything that dedicated online gambling fans could want, with hundreds of different sites to choose from.

In recent years though, there is one particular online casino product that has witnessed a sharp increase in popularity and for a number of reasons and that is online jackpot slots. These exist in a number of different forms and there are many software providers that have developed and continue to create jackpot slots every year to accommodate the desires of their fans.

Some software providers are especially good at developing jackpot slots and as a result of this, have established a formidable reputation in the industry for being specialists, while others are still trying to get some elements right.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why jackpot slots are so popular and why they are so attractive to online gambling enthusiasts. 

Life changing prizes

This is arguably one of the biggest reasons why people decide to play jackpot slots and over the years, they have produced emphatic wins in the eight figures. While the odds of winning the grand prize on a jackpot slot are significantly low, it is still possible and in addition to this, players can still win a huge amount of money even if they do not manage to win the jackpot.

For the most part, players are aware that it is highly unlikely that they will win the grand prize and as a result are able to engage in sensible gambling, setting themselves a sensible limit and only gambling what they are comfortable with losing. Many even give themselves a time limit to spend on a jackpot slot, because they know that it could well take hours for a jackpot to drop and the chances of them winning are extremely low. 

Some players even adopt a sensible strategy of trying out different jackpot slots in the same session, so that they get a feel for the variety that is on offer, while they might also be more successful on one compared to another. Winners have also come from far and wide, such as Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Norway, the UK, Ireland and even Canada, especially when you factor in the sheer number of players that some jackpot slots attract.

Attractive Themes

For players who see past the fact that that they are unlikely to win the grand prize that a jackpot slot offers, the type of theme often plays a major part in a player’s decision-making process when they choose a jackpot slot. 

One of the most attractive selling points for a player is the theme that a particular jackpot slot is based around because there is every chance that this appeals to something that they are interested in. 

For example, it is possible to find jackpot slots that are based on sports which is one of the most popular niches in the online gambling industry and which offers a considerable amount of interactivity.  One element that plays a major part in the theme of a jackpot slot is how they are designed and essentially the branding. 

This is related to how it comes across to the naked eye and how visually appealing that it is to the player, with some colours for example, being more attractive to some players than others. Audio can also play a big part when it comes to the theme of a jackpot slot and as a result, some players feel that this alone adds to the experience of participating, especially if the sounds are relevant to the theme of the slot.


These play a big part in the online gambling industry and there are some casino sites that allow players to use their bonuses on jackpot slots which can help when it comes to preserving your bankroll. This is because you are essentially using free money to gamble, without necessarily needing to make a deposit if you play sensibly and have some kind of strategy associated to your wagering activity.


Even in-game bonuses can help a lot and there are many jackpot slots that have numerous of these to help a player’s bankroll, however, these are generally incorporated to make sure that a player stays hooked, in the hope that they might get another small bonus in quick succession.

However, bonuses if used wisely should not be underestimated with jackpot slots and the newer titles now are starting to incorporate these more on a regular basis. In game bonuses could be presented for unlocking another level, matching relevant symbols or having a wild symbol appear during the game. 

Mini Jackpots 

Some jackpot slots have other jackpots alongside the main jackpot and these are often enough to attract players. These can appear in a number of forms. One type of mini jackpot could be in a side game of a jackpot slot, which can be a little bit like a bonus level, where the aim changes compared to the main game. It could be that you need to find or unlock a symbol, if it is an adventure esque jackpot game and if so you could win a handsome amount in the hundreds or low four figures.

Other forms of jackpots could be those that need to drop by a certain time and are completely random, regardless of your progress on the jackpot slot so far. These could also be life changing amounts of money, in the mid-five figures, though obviously nowhere near the amount of the main prize. There are also other mini jackpots that might simply have to drop in a 24 hour period; again completely at random; even the value of the jackpot itself.

Final thoughts

As the online gambling industry gets even more creative and innovative, one thing is definitely for certain; there is absolutely a demand for jackpot slots. This is something that software providers of the best titles, such as NetEnt were quick to realise early on, especially when you factor in the sheer popularity of these. 

It is likely that other elements will play a part in the future, particularly as technology develops and even more possibilities unfold for players to enjoy jackpot slots in a more enhanced way, such as Augmented Reality, which in itself presents a lot of exciting opportunities.