Why online NetEnt Jackpot Slots are better than Physical Jackpot Machines

Published on the 2020-10-11

Everybody knows that slot games are the best kind of casino games. After all, they have the power to give you massive wins for very little effort. But there’s plenty of competition to create superior slot games. 

In particular, it is the battle between old-fashioned and physical jackpot machines as well as the new generation of online jackpot slots that is hotting up. Recently we have seen developers like NetEnt creating a range of online jackpot games that threaten to resign physical jackpot machines to history. So what are the key reasons why NetEnt’s online jackpot slots have proven to be world-beaters?

Massive jackpot wins

Most people will play jackpot games in order to make some huge jackpot wins. Over the year’s there have been many newspaper headlines created about people winning life-changing amounts of money on jackpot games. But some of the recent prizes won on NetEnt games have put physical jackpot machines in the shade. 

This is because the NetEnt pooled jackpot games produce their overall prize winnings from the combined stakes of all of the players. As a result, these online slots games frequently produce some eye-watering jackpot prizes. One lucky gamer managed to enter the Guinness World Records thanks to a win on a NetEnt jackpot game. All of which could be achieved by putting down a low-stakes wager from the convenience of a home computer.

Greater jackpot frequency

Playing jackpot games is obviously about trying to land the biggest prize possible. But NetEnt’s online jackpot games have been careful to ensure that they serve up jackpots more often than regular physical jackpot games. This is because many of NetEnt’s games feature multiple jackpots. 

Some of these jackpots might not feature quite the same size prize as the major jackpot, but they can all serve up some impressive winnings. This has proven to be pivotal in helping NetEnt become one of the world’s top casino game developers. By having jackpot games that boast a decent level of volatility in addition to a generous return to player percentage, it means that you are far more likely to get a return on your wagering by playing these NetEnt jackpot games in particular. 

Innovative special features

Of course, it is not just the jackpots that make these slot games worth playing. This is because even the most basic physical jackpot machine will have some special features that make sure things are kept interesting for the player. However, the NetEnt online jackpots have really taken this theory to the next level, as you can see from their range of entertaining jackpot slots that you can find here at Divine Jackpot. 

As a result, you can look forward to enjoying no shortage of wilds and scatters that help you get the winning symbols across one of the paylines. All of which gives you plenty more to play for than just trying to line up some cherry symbols on an old-fashioned slot machine.

Variety of jackpot themes

you will probably have a good idea of what a standard physical jackpot machine looks like. While there’s a certain retro charm in spinning reels that contain iconic symbols like the Lucky 7, things have moved on in recent years. This is because NetEnt’s jackpot games all feature a variety of themes that give customers plenty of choice.

As a result, you could enjoy aiming for the jackpot amidst luxury yachts and popping champagne bottles on Mega Fortune Dreams, or experience some exotic gaming entertainment on the Arabian Nights jackpot game. NetEnt has also been providing some striking jackpots that feature mythical themes like Hall of Gods. Or there are even cute and cheerful jackpot games like Irish Pot Luck. All of this shows that jackpot games have come a long way since physical jackpot machines first came on the scene. 

Quality graphics

NetEnt’s jackpot games show that slot games don’t have to be two-dimensional pixelated affairs. This is because the developer’s jackpots all benefit from some striking graphics that wouldn’t be out of place in an AAA console game. Just take a look at the graphics of a NetEnt jackpot like Divine Fortune and you will see what we mean.

While this might just be a superficial factor, such issues have a big impact on the whole playing experience. Most gamers will have gotten fairly bored after a few minutes of playing physical jackpot machines. But such is the detail in the graphics of NetEnt jackpot games, that gamers find something new to enjoy each time that they play.

Immersive audio

You might not think that the way that a jackpot slot game sounds would have much of an impact on the overall gameplay. However, anyone who has played on a physical slot machine for any amount of time will tell you that the repetitive sounds can get fairly grating after a while. 

While the occasional bell or whistle might not be too annoying, if you play for long enough, the ensuing racket could cause you to quit the game and miss out on getting your jackpot.

So this is why NetEnt has ensured that all of their online slot jackpots are as easy on the ear as possible. All of the sound effects will be high quality and will add a real sense of atmosphere as you hunt down the jackpot. 

Plus you will also experience some subtle musical soundtracks that make the whole gaming experience much more immersive. But the best thing is that even if you don’t like the sonics, you can simply mute the whole audio experience. NetEnt put a lot of thought into the different types of audio that they have on each of their jackpot slots, to make sure that they are in-keeping with the overall theme, though also strike a perfect balance for the player as well.

Convenience to play 24/7

If all of the above wasn’t enough, then it is the sheer convenience of NetEnt’s jackpot games that are hard to beat. This is because you can play these jackpots at any time of the day or night. As long as you have an internet connection, this means that you could look forward to landing a jackpot 24/7. 

We should note that all of NetEnt’s online jackpots have been created to be perfectly playable on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Plus with enhanced customer experience at NetEnt casinos, you will get all of the help you need to hunt down that next progressive jackpot.