Who are we?

Essentially we pride ourselves on being a ‘one stop’ resource for all of the most popular NetEnt jackpot slots. Our highly in-depth reviews of each jackpot slot go into all of the intricacies about how they are played as well as the more technical details.

Based on our years of research, we know what players like from jackpot slots and this is one of the reasons why we focus on NetEnt. Their slots are effectively unparalleled in the industry due to a variety of factors. Their jackpot slots have some of the largest payouts in the online gambling sector, out of any of the other software providers, as well as giving players a highly stimulating and aesthetically visual experience.

Our dedicated news portal also brings you weekly articles about all of the latest jackpot updates about new jackpot slots that are set to be released as well as tips and strategies that you might be able to apply based on what successful players are using. In addition to this, we also feature updates of some of the most recent biggest wins as well to make sure that you are fully informed.

How we review each jackpot slot and the process that is used

When it comes to bringing you information about each jackpot slot that we recommend, we follow a highly methodical and forensic process that allows us to dive deeper than ever before into each one.

Because of our extensive knowledge of the industry, this also means that we understand that what is right for one player is not necessarily right for another because everyone has different tastes. Our main focus for each jackpot slot that we review is to be as detailed and accurate as we possibly can be while maintaining an unbiased integrity. Our knowledge of each one means that we are able to present the information in a way that is easy for our readers to understand so that they can make an informed decision based on a wide variety of factors.

Firstly we start off each review with a brief introduction of the jackpot slot which helps to provide a background and also gives the reader a clue as to whether it might appeal to them and their tastes.

What we have ascertained is also important to our readers and also players of jackpot slots is the theme and the branding of each one. How the slots are designed, the colours used, audio, and the different objectives of each slot in terms of the gameplay are for many players, just as important as the size of the prize money that they can win. They are, at the end of the day, a form of entertainment and because of this, our main goal is to convey the essence of each jackpot slot as accurately as we possibly can.

Following this, we then provide a detailed guide about the journey of each jackpot slot from getting started which covers everything that you need to know about deposits to what the possible end result can be and what you are required to do in order to try and achieve this. In addition to this, we also describe in detail, the different symbols that are on offer, such as how the wilds, bonuses and multipliers work.

Because of the fact that we know each jackpot slot intimately, we can also provide a thoroughly accurate description of how free spins can be triggered and what they can unlock as you progress through the levels.

Some jackpot slots also have bonus games on offer and because of this, it means we give you an extensive summary of how these can be achieved and how you can effectively work your way through each of them.

While some reviews touch briefly on the technical details of jackpot slots, because we are considered by many as an authority on this matter, we go further into detail than any other resource. Covering the return to player (RTP), slot volatility and the random number generator (RNG) of each jackpot slot, we do not just describe what these are, but also the implications that these can have on your gameplay based on the different combinations. This allows our readers to then form a clearer picture of what they can achieve and also aids in their decision making process.

What we have found also comes in useful is providing information about the various paytables for each jackpot slot, as well as the possible combinations and these are presented in the form of a clear, easy to understand grid with concise, bitesize information.

Furthermore, we touch on some of the famous wins in terms of those who have won astronomical sums of money on each jackpot slot, so our readers can form an understanding that they do actually payout and that it is entirely possible to win big.

All of these factors then help us to come to a conclusion about what we think of each jackpot slot and who they might appeal to the most.

Our commitment to integrity

Because of the fact that we want to continue to be known as one of the most authoritative resources for jackpot slots, we are 100 percent committed to making sure that all of the information that we provide is of the utmost accuracy. In order to achieve this, our quality control process in one of the most rigorous in the industry and this all helps us to establish trust with our loyal audience.

In addition to this, every jackpot slot that we recommend is under the scrutiny of the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), which means that NetEnt has to adhere to a certain set of legislation to ensure they are doing things right. Also, the slots are monitored by test houses on a regular basis, who are independent consultancies who make sure that all of the slots are fair in terms of their payout frequency, in accordance to their RTP, volatility levels and RNG.

Responsible Gambling

At Divine Jackpot, we are big advocates of Responsible Gambling and as a result, encourage all of our readers to apply this to their gameplay. Our guide to Responsible Gambling goes deep into detail about all of the resources that are available to those who feel that they might be starting to develop an addiction to gambling and the steps that they can take.

Ultimately you should never gamble more than you can afford to lose and also do not chase your losses, because this can lead to further problems later down the line, which can make things a lot worse.

You can contact us by sending an email to contact-at-divinejackpot-dot-co-dot-uk (replace -at- by @ and -dot- by .)