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Top Mega Fortune Jackpots

July 15, 2024
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What Your Experts Say about Mega Fortune

This review will take a look at NetEnt’s Mega Fortune jackpot slot, and guide the reader through what to expect in terms of what the game looks like and how it operates.

The guide will also offer a close look at how to play Mega Fortune, including a breakdown of the game’s payout combinations and special features. Some of the more technical details behind the game will be examined with the aim of giving the reader some insight into the game’s behaviour. 

Furthermore, you can also look forward to finding out about how the bonus game at Mega Fortune works and there will be a section which discloses a bit of information about the largest wins on this game in years gone by.

Theme and branding of Mega Fortune 

The appearance of Mega Fortune is clearly designed to capture the player’s attention by playing on perceptions of modern elegance and what could be described as ‘the rich life’. 

Symbols often glisten and are designed to appear as though light is shining off of them, giving them a look of glamour. 

In the backdrop of Mega Fortune are palm trees, strobe lights, and the front of a yacht. All of these features draw upon connotations of a bliss, rich life. The game also has a diamond-studded border around the reels to further enhance its millionaire-like appearance. 

The graphics at Mega Fortune are top quality, with every symbol being high definition. The game is very cleverly designed to give a lot of its features a 3D appearance, even though it is all 100% 2D.

Also, the audio which plays on Mega Fortune is a smooth, rolling jazz-like tune with a very catchy bass guitar in the background. A three-note tune is blasted out from what sounds like a trumpet whenever a win occurs. 

Special sounds play whenever a player is on the verge of getting three bonus symbols mid-spin, and if a player matches five of the same symbol on any wine line another unique sound plays. 

All of this serves to heighten player experience by engaging the auditory senses in conjunction with what the player is seeing happen in front of them.


Step by step guide of how to play Mega Fortune

Getting started

In order to play Mega Fortune for real, players will need to have a funded account and this can be done by making a deposit with the online casino you are using. 

Mega Fortune is available at several of the largest and most popular platforms in the industry - some notable names include BetSafe and Mr Green.  

It is always advisable to check for any potential deposit bonuses which may be available, taking advantage of one of these could give players more funds to be used on this game. 

Once this is done, you can launch the game and get playing. In the first few spins players have plenty to familiarise themselves with, given that there are a lot of bright and glamorous sights in the game. 

Because of this, it is inevitable that it will take a few spins for players to get to grips with which symbols are rare and significant compared to those which are more common. Players can consult a paytable which details the structure of payouts, as well as how to achieve the bonus round and free spins etc. This is found by clicking on the little ‘i’ icon in the bottom left of the game. 

Most online casinos allow players to play the game ‘for fun’ without staking real money, so if players wish to become familiar with the objective of the game and how it operates before playing with real money, then they have the option to do so.  

Aim of the game

When playing Mega Fortune, the fundamental aim of the game for players is to spin the reels and match the same symbol three times or more on any one of the 25 win lines. 

The only symbols for which players do not require three of in order to receive a payout are the white limousine, which offers a small return when two of its symbols are matched on a win line, and the scatter symbol which has a more generous payout when two of its symbols land.  

When playing Mega Fortune, the ultimate aim is to strike lucky and get to the bonus game, and through the bonus game players have the chance to win one of the three jackpots available. More information about how the bonus game works can be found under the ‘how the bonus game works’ subsection. 

Possible stakes and bet levels

The lowest possible stakes per spin when playing Mega Fortune is €0.20, and the highest players can stake on any spin is €50. 

There are two ways in which players can alter their stake. The first of these is to alter the ‘coin value’ of your stake, which effectively means the amount of money you are putting on each of the 25 win lines. The minimum coin value is 0.01 and the maximum is 0.50.

Secondly there is the option for players to alter the ‘level’ of the bet, the lowest being level 1 and the highest being level 4. This multiplies the amount of coins won on any win line (as displayed in the paytable) by the bet level. 

Mega Fortune therefore has a wide degree of flexibility in how much can be staked per spin, especially given that it has a two-factor stake formula. Players have a large degree of choice with their bet levels on this game which is very positive. 


To start with, there are eight normal symbols in Mega Fortune, and three special symbols. Of the normal symbols, there are four basic symbols which are common and offer smaller payouts, and four slightly rarer and more unique symbols that offer more generous payouts.

The four basic symbols are:

  • A silver cufflink with a round, domed front and an elegantly dark red circle with a white ‘J’ on the front. 
  • A gold cufflink with a round, domed front and a sky blue circle with a white ‘Q’ on it. 
  • A silver ring with a circular yellow front with a white ‘K’ on it.
  • A gold ring with a green circular front and a white ‘A’ on it.

The more unique symbols are:

  • A glass of whisky with light reflecting off it, sat beside a white ashtray with a cuban-style cigar laid inside it. 
  • A glamorous gold watch with a black watch face, laid down at an angle. 
  • A dollar bill vaguely in the style of the American dollar, folded in half, with a large golden dollar sign on the front. 
  • A luxurious white limousine which is forward-facing but at a slight angle to give it a 3D appearance. 

The special symbols are as follows:

SCATTER: This symbol shows a bottle of champagne with two drinks glasses in front of a yellow background, with the word ‘scatter’ along the side of the symbol as though it has been turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

This symbol has a special feature in that it not only pays out when two or more of it are found, but if a player spins three or more of this symbol then free spins are awarded.

Players are given the chance to reveal what is behind one of the scatter symbols and this will reveal an amount of free spins which have been awarded and a multiplier between one and five.

When the free spins are being played, if the player finds another two or more scatter symbols on any one spin then further free spins are awarded.

WILD: This symbol is a white and red speedboat on the water, with the word ‘WILD’ at the top of the symbol in a bold, silver studded font which is very eye catching. This symbol substitutes all other symbols apart from the bonus and scatter symbols, which means when players see this symbol on the reels then it can sometimes result in fantastic payouts.

BONUS: This symbol is what players are really looking for in Mega Fortune. It is a large and segmented wheel with said segments being either bright orange or yellow, and when you also consider that the word ‘BONUS’ is at the bottom of this symbol in a bold and silver-studded font, the eye is instantly drawn to it whenever it appears on the reels.

Matching three of these symbols on consecutive reels can result in a chance to win the jackpot at Mega Fortune!

How the bonus round works

The bonus round is awarded when the player spins three or more successive bonus symbols from the leftmost reel, going to the right. It is worth noting that all bonus bonus symbols must be on an active bet line for the bonus to be awarded. 

Once the bonus is activated, players are presented with the bonus wheel which is predominantly a bright orange and is illuminated. There is a golden pointer on the left hand side of the wheel, which has a layer of the wheel spinning through it. Players are asked to click on ‘stop’ to stop the wheel spinning and therefore land a segment. Players should note that they have roughly 15 seconds to do this themselves, otherwise the wheel stops automatically. 

The wheel is separated  into 4 levels of circles. When the bonus game is launched, the outer layer of the wheel is spinning and each segment has either a numeric value which corresponds to an amount of coins, or alternatively an arrow pointing towards the centre of the wheel. 

If players land on a numeric value, they win the relevant amount of coins. If players land on an arrow then they progress to the next level, getting closer to the centre of the wheel. 

In the first level there are a total of 36 segments. This breaks down to 18 arrows and six each of the coin values 25, 50 and 75. 

Following this, the second level, there are 24 segments in total. There are four arrows which advance the player to the next level and six segments each of the coin values 75, 125 and 175. On this level players have their first chance to win a jackpot, as there are two ‘rapid’ jackpot segments on this level. 

In the third level, there are 12 segments which break down as follows: three segments of the coin value 625 and four each of the values 1250 and 1875, and then one arrow progressing the player to the next level, and lastly one segment awarding the player the ‘major’ jackpot. 

The final level is the mega jackpot. In order to win this players need to land on the arrow in the penultimate level. When the mega jackpot is won, a pop up appears in the centre of the screen informing the player how much they have won - often in seven figures territory - and fireworks start in the background of the game. 

Mega Fortune wilds

The ‘wild’ symbol in Mega Fortune jackpot slot is a white and red speedboat on the water, with the word ‘wild’ at the top of the symbol in capitals with a bold silver studded font, as outlined earlier. 

These wild symbols do not expand, but they substitute for any other symbol with the exceptions of the ‘scatter’ and ‘bonus’ symbols. This means that when the wild symbol is present on the reels, players can often benefit from generous payouts due to the amount of flexibility this symbol provides in terms of winning combinations. 

Mega Fortune free spins

The only way in which to achieve free spins in Mega Fortune is by spinning three or more ‘scatter’ symbols - note that the three symbols do not need to be on any one particular active bet line. 

As outlined earlier, once three of these symbols are matched then players can click on one of them to reveal what is behind the symbol. There will be an amount of free spins awarded with a multiplier attached (example: 10 free spins with x3 multiplier). 

The aforementioned example would mean that the player’s winnings on the 10 free spins are multiplied by three, so this feature has the potential to be quite lucrative in terms of winnings. 

This frequency with which this feature occurs can be quite rare within Mega Fortune, but with the nature of how it works players are right to get excited every time a scatter symbol appears on the reels.

Technical details of Mega Fortune

RTP of Mega Fortune

The theoretical return to player (RTP) in Mega Fortune is 96.6%, which ranks as a reasonably generous RTP within the industry. This figure means that across all players, for every €100 staked, a total of €96.60 will be returned in winnings. 

It is worth bearing in mind however, that this figure is subject to the law of averages. This means that one player staking €100 in one playing session will not necessarily gain a return of specifically €96.60 because the RTP applies to average returns across the game, not to an individual player. 

Mega Fortune slot volatility

Players will be pleased to learn that Mega Fortune has low slot volatility. This means that Mega Fortune offers frequent wins, even if the value of those wins may be slightly smaller than a high volatility slot. Winning a smaller amount but on a more regular basis can be seen to enhance a player’s enjoyment of the game. 

Payout combinations 

Payouts in Mega Fortune are fixed as opposed to variable, and operate from left to right on the columns, and it is worth noting that the reels do not pay both ways. 

Based on the lowest possible stake of €0.20, the payouts on winning lines at Mega Fortune are as follows, using the example of ‘symbol’: ‘amount of symbols on win line’ = ‘win amount’. The payout value is given in ‘coins’ and translates to €0.01 per coin.

Random Number Generator (RNG) at Mega Fortune 

Like nearly all slot games, Mega Fortune uses a random number generator (RNG). This serves several purposes. Firstly, the RNG randomises the game and therefore ensures fairness to the player, but it also serves to safeguard against players that may want to gain an unfair advantage over the game. 

RNGs are micro computers that are always generating numbers, normally between one and several billion, and they are able to do this every second. 

This system is used to determine the position of the reels when they come to settle, so in other words the RNG is used to determine which symbols a player is presented with when they spin the reels. 

An RNG randomises the frequency and size of payouts (keeping in line with the slot volatility and RTP) which maintains the unpredictability of the slot and keeps the game fun and fair for players.

Type of jackpot on offer at Mega Fortune

There are a total of three jackpots available when playing Mega Fortune, and all three are progressive jackpots. This means that every spin of the reels increases the size of each jackpot, effectively meaning that the jackpots are increasing in size virtually every second of the day until they drop. 

The smallest of the three jackpots is the ‘rapid’ jackpot which is usually in the three-figures region. The median jackpot is the ‘major’ jackpot and is normally in the mid-ranging five-figures. 

The largest and most sought-after jackpot is, of course, the ‘mega’ jackpot. This jackpot drops on average roughly every 10 weeks or so and tends to be in seven-figures territory when it drops. 

There are no size limits on the jackpots of Mega Fortune, and no time limits either. This means that they can drop at any time and at any size, so with every spin at Mega Fortune the possibilities are quite literally endless!

Mega Fortune’s biggest winners

Largest win

The most lucrative jackpot win ever recorded on Mega Fortune was in January 2013 and it was to the tune of an enormous €17,861,813. It was won by a player from Finland who was playing at Paf Casino, and at the time this win took the world record for the largest internet jackpot win. 

The lucky winner chose to remain anonymous, so unfortunately little more is known about them. 

Other notable wins

November 2015:

In November 2015 the Mega Fortune jackpot was won by 30 year old Alexander from Sweden. The win totalled €8,577,104 and Alexander was playing Mega Fortune on his mobile device through ComeOn Casino’s website.  

Alexander offered a few words on what he made of his win:

“I was totally speechless and couldn’t believe what was happening. It was late and my wife had already gone to bed, but I had to wake her up and celebrate. I’m going to law low to begin with, but I’ll make sure my mortgage is paid and [I’ll] treat myself to some exciting holidays. It will probably be difficult to avoid buying a new car!”

Most recent win:

The most recent win of the Mega Fortune mega jackpot took place on 28th June 2020 and the amount won was €2,686,571, making it the 55th time the mega jackpot has been won. Further details about the win are yet to be released. 


Final thoughts 

Mega Fortune is clearly a good value and thoroughly entertaining jackpot slot for players. The high quality graphics complement the glamorous and luxurious theme to give the player a feel of wealth and endless riches. 

Quite significantly the game has a low slot volatility complemented by a 96.6% RTP which means that players will, on average, be able to enjoy the time they spend playing Mega Fortune due to it having a tendency to offer frequent payouts. 

There are no real downsides to this game, if one were to stretch to find something it could be said that when the bonus game is achieved it seems to be a regular occurrence that the game doesn’t advance past the first level, therefore offering a low payout for a bonus game, but this is counteracted by the frequency with which the bonus game appears and the sheer size of the mega jackpot.


  • Fantastic graphics and audio
  • Low slot volatility, 96% RTP, up to 25 bet lines 
  • Some of the largest jackpots in the industry, this game has previously provided a world record jackpot on internet slots. 
  • Mega jackpot has a frequent win rate, with it being won on average roughly every 10 weeks and normally being a seven-figure payout.
  • Scatter and wild features can result in generous payouts even when the player isn’t winning the bonus feature
  • Lots of flexibility on stake value - minimum €0.25 and maximum €50


  • No significant cons worthy of noting