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June 20, 2024
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What Your Experts Say about Mega Joker

This review will guide you through NetEnt’s three-reel, five-line retro slot game Mega Joker. Released in 2011, this game is available to be played on both desktop and mobile. What should be mentioned is that the retro type slots have made a comeback in recent years and as such are really gaining in popularity which is why Mega Joker is one of the most searched for retro jackpot games in the industry on the internet. 

Initially this review will give you a breakdown of the appearance of Mega Joker, discussing its theme and what you can expect to see and hear when playing the game. The theme of jackpot slots in recent years has really began to increase in importance, especially with regards to the classic jackpot slots, because gamblers relate to them as a throwback to the past, that have been digitally remastered to a particularly grand and enticing effect. 

There will also be a detailed step by step guide on how to play Mega Joker, talking you through the intricacies of the game and how it works from a player’s perspective. Of particular importance that we have paid particular importance to that we feel is fundamental is how the gameplay works, because for this jackpot slot has a particular emphasis on how the slot itself functions and what you need to do in order to increase your chances of success.

More technical details of the slot will be discussed later on, going through some of the background factors which are essential to the operation of the game and this includes the RTP percentage rate, slot volatility as well as how the RNG determines the playability levels of the slot and how this might influence your slot game play. 

Lastly there will be a concise conclusion to this review, wrapping up the best highlights of Mega Joker and there will be one or two points highlighted which could be improved. 


Theme and branding of Mega Joker

As soon as you load Mega Joker it is clear to see that NetEnt have designed this to be a classic, retro slot game. 

Once the game has loaded you are presented with the reels, which are actually on what looks like a real-life slot machine, with a green plant sat either side of the machine. 

The words ‘Mega Joker’ are branded across the top of the machine in capitals, the word Mega being in a bright yellow font and the word Joker being in a chequered red and black font. Both words flash every few seconds which catches your eye as you play. 

The classical slot theme is executed well, a prime example of this being that NetEnt have included all of the main payouts on the screen as you are playing the game in bold, eye-catching font. 

The machine is split horizontally into two halves, a top half and a bottom half. The bottom half is where the basic mode is played and the top half is for the Supermeter mode. 

One thing that catches your eye is that the payouts which are details either side of the reels flash at random when the reels are not spun for a few seconds, so this game is very cleverly designed to keep the player focussed on what is happening in front of them. 

NetEnt have opted for a simplistic and classic audio set with Mega Joker, no music plays in the background but you can hear the reels click into place with every spin. Also, when a win occurs on the reels there is a special burst of audio which gets more exuberant with larger wins. 


Step by step guide on how to play Mega Joker

Getting started - deposits and first spins 

Before going to launch the Mega Joker jackpot slot, players will need to first choose an online casino to use and make a deposit in order to play this jackpot slot with real money. 

It is always worth keeping an eye out for deposit bonuses which may be available, as taking advantage of one of these offers could help boost your bankroll. 

Keep in mind that most popular online casinos give you the option to try jackpot slot games for free first. This could be used whether they just want to play for fun, or if you want to become familiar with the ins and outs of the game before staking real money. 

Once the game is launched players are presented with a classic slot machine, often described as a ‘fruit machine’. 

The reels are clearly defined and the amount which the progressive jackpot stands at is always displayed in bright green font directly below the reels, directly in your eyeline. 

It is very obvious how to adjust stake levels if you so wish, with the options available clearly defined in the bottom right hand corner of the game, and players can change stakes without navigating away from the game which adds an element of user-friendliness to Mega Joker. 

Aim of the game

When you are playing Mega Joker, the aim of the game is quite simply to set the stake you are comfortable with and get spinning the reels in the hope of landing three of the same symbols on one of the five bet lines, thereby activating ‘Supermeter mode’ which is where the larger payouts are possible. 

It can be argued that staking the maximum amount of €10.00 is more beneficial as it opens up more potential payout combinations, as seen in the table outline in the ‘possible payouts and winning combinations’ section. Players are of course reminded to play responsibly. 

The ultimate aim of Mega Joker is to land the progressive jackpot, however it is very possible to win through both the basic mode and Supermeter mode. 


Possible stakes and bet levels 

The structure of stakes in Mega Joker is very simple and easy to understand - the minimum bet is €1.00, the next-lowest choice for players is €2.00 and then the maximum bet is €10.00. 


How the bonus round works

One of the most attractive aspects of Mega Joker is the local, progressive jackpot that the game offers when you trigger the three joker symbols in a row which if you do so, can be vitally advantageous and give you a significant boost for the game. 

It is worth remembering, however, that this jackpot can only be triggered when you are playing outside of the Supermeter mode and when playing on the highest bet level.

The Mega Joker progressive jackpot often reaches mid-ranging five-figure territory and has even had some six-figure wins in the past. There will be some information of the biggest wins towards the end of the review.  


Mega Joker wilds and free spins

Being a classical video slot, there are no free spins or wilds features when playing Mega Joker. It could be said that these features are replaced by Mega Joker’s own unique ‘Supermeter mode’, and more information on how this feature works is available directly below.


Supermeter mode

If you win on any particular game round, you have the option to either collect your winnings or play in Supermeter mode. To enter Supermeter mode, you must have won less than 2000 coins in basic mode. 

In Supermeter mode, all credits from the winning spin are stored in the Supermeter. You can bet 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins in Supermeter mode, at a preselected coin value, but you have the option to alter the stake before spinning. Regardless of the bet level, all five bet lines are active. 

Supermeter wins are paid out according to the paytable detailed in the ‘possible payouts and winning combinations’ section. On top of these, the following conditions apply, which we feel must be paid attention to in order to fully understand how the game itself works:

  • At bet 200, one or more jokers anywhere on the reels gives a mystery win between 100 and 2000 coins for each joker. 
  • At bet 100, a joker in the middle reel gives a mystery win between 100 and 2000 coins.
  • At bets 40, 100 and 200, three jokers on a bet line gives a win of 2000 coins. 
  • At bet 20, three jokers on a bet line gives a win of 1000 coins. 

Because of this it is very easy to see the incentive of entering Supermeter mode rather than collecting the winnings from the spin, but it also adds a clever little caveat for players as it presents a ‘collect or gamble’ decision-making situation, and as such it suits both styles of player. 

This feature can be of great benefit to players of the Mega Joker jackpot slot which means that it can potentially act as a unique selling point. 


Technical details of Mega Joker

RTP of Mega Joker

The return to player (RTP) figure is a percentage figure which indicates how much money is returned to a player in winnings, where 100% would be the amount that the player is staking. 

At a staggering 99%, Mega Joker has one of the most impressive RTPs in the industry. It is a figure that is enough to attract players to this game in and of itself. 

It is worth bearing in mind however, that this figure is subject to the law of averages. This means that one player staking €100 in one playing session will not necessarily gain a return of specifically €99 because the RTP applies to average returns across the entire game, not to an individual player or a particular amount of spins.


Slot volatility

The slot volatility of Mega Joker is high. Slot volatility indicates how often winning spins occur, and what the size of those winning spins are. This plays a fundamental part in how slots operate and as a result, determines a number of important results during slot gameplay.

A high slot volatility means that winning spins are less frequent than slots which have a low or a medium slot volatility. However, on the positive side this also means that winning spins in this game have a tendency to pay out quite a bit more than games with a lower slot volatility. 

Because this jackpot slot has a high slot volatility, it will suit those players who have a larger bankroll and those who can enjoy playing a game where there can be quite a few spins between fairly sizable wins in comparison to your stake level.


Random Number Generator of Mega Joker

Like nearly all slot games, Mega Joker has a random number generator (henceforth RNG) which runs the game. 

The RNG serves several purposes. First of all, the RNG generates a random number which determines the symbols that appear on the reels. This randomises the game and therefore ensures fairness to the player, but it also serves to safeguard against players that may want to gain an unfair advantage over the game. 

RNGs are micro computers that are constantly generating numbers. This is normally between one and several billion, and they are able to do this every second, so it is virtually impossible to predict any particular sequence of numbers generated by the RNG.  

Another benefit of using an RNG in a video slot is that it randomises the frequency and size of payouts, all the while keeping in line with the slot volatility and RTP. 

This keeps the slot unpredictable as players do not know when they will get a payout or how big that payout may be, so it maintains the fun and spontaneity in the game and makes it fair for all players.


Type of jackpots available in Mega Joker

There is one jackpot available in Mega Joker and it is a localised progressive jackpot which can have a number of certain advantages for the player. 

This means that the value of the super jackpot in Mega Joker increases depending on the amount of people playing the game at that particular online casino, as opposed to the jackpot increasing with every penny spent on the game via different casinos worldwide. 

It is worth noting that 3% of the stake of every spin goes directly toward the progressive jackpot. 

Because of this, the competition for the Mega Joker jackpot is a lot lower than a slot where you have players all across the globe playing for the same jackpot. This means that you can significantly increase your chances of winning the jackpot, due to the ratio of players who are generally participating in the jackpot itself at any given time. 


Biggest wins on Mega Joker

The largest win to take place to date on Mega Joker was for a life-changing €106,699. The lucky player scooped the jackpot on 2nd December 2011 and it was won at Unibet online casino. 

The next-largest jackpot win was for a very similar amount, namely €105,546 and this was won on 2nd January 2012 again at Unibet online casino.

Unfortunately there is not much detailed information on these jackpot wins beyond what has already been outlined, however there are some useful statistics regarding the jackpot:

  • The average time it takes for the jackpot to drop is just under two days 
  • The average amount which the jackpot awards is €17,349
  • There have been over 2,000 recorded wins of the Mega Joker  progressive jackpot 


Final thoughts

Mega Joker is a big hit with the retro jackpot slot fan because it has a very classic look and feel to it, as well as the fact that it plays exactly like a traditional fruit machine that you might typically find in a land based, legitimate organisation. 

Mega Joker is generally a very easy game to understand with a simple payout structure, and it is a big help to players that the payouts are displayed to the sides of the reels while playing, meaning they are always in sight. 

The Supermeter feature is unique to Mega Joker and gives players a chance to gamble a winning spin for the chance to win bigger, but more conservative players also have the option to collect the winnings without playing Supermeter mode. 

What is a really good selling point about Mega Joker is that it is accommodating for whatever mood you are in, whether you are feeling adventurous and want to take that chance to win big, but also if you aren’t feeling so lucky and just want to keep playing in the basic mode then this is easily done too. For every online casino fan, this is something that is typically deemed as sacred and as a result, Mega Joker, it seems has really taken this into account because they are perhaps as empathetic as they can be towards the gambling community when it comes to highly dedicated fans of jackpot slots. 

This means that they have been able to distinguish between typical demographics within the online gambling community to be able to offer each tranche of gambler what they might be looking for.  As such, Mega Joker offers players a full and comprehensive amount satisaction when it comes to trying to find a jackpot slot which provides the player the amount of satisfaction that they are looking for. Mega Joker will give you a chance to experience what you can expect to see from a jackpot slot which is, as a well thought out game might be, however, which may appeal to beginners more though also represents a good enough challenge for those who have been accustomed to online gambling jackpot slots for a while. 



  • 99% return to player figure, you would struggle to find a better RTP than this in the industry which is a considerable advantage in itself.
  • Localised progressive jackpot which drops quite regularly which can have a number of benefits including a potentially lucrative win more frequently than other jackpot slots.
  • A considerable amount of flexibility is offered to the player as you have the option to play (or not play) Supermeter mode every time a winning spin lands for you.
  • A very colourful and eye-catching visual display is offered for the player which really draws you in from the first second and makes sure that you can be attracted from the first moment that you play the game. 


  • No free spins mode or wild symbols, however the other features that this jackpot slot has certainly makes up for this and this is definitely by no means a major factor in the negative column and denotes a lot of positivity if you can recognise the positives about it.

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