Which country has the most NetEnt Jackpot winners?

Published on the 2020-10-19

Ever since NetEnt unleashed its jackpot games on the world nearly two decades ago, there have been numerous big money winners. Everywhere from the UK to Scandinavia has seen many lucky people winning big by playing these famous slot games. Plus with nations like the USA enjoying continued deregulation, it seems that more and more people are getting chance to win big on these jackpots. 

While the NetEnt jackpot games all use random number generators to ensure that the results cannot be fixed, it’s interesting to note that some countries seem to have more luck than others. So here is a quick overview as to those nations that have enjoyed the biggest and best NetEnt jackpot wins.


Seeing as NetEnt is a Swedish casino game developer, it might not come as a huge surprise to find that Sweden enjoys consistent NetEnt jackpot wins. Barely a month goes by without the news that a Swedish gamer has gotten very lucky in playing one of the NetEnt jackpot games.

July 2020 saw a player at the Svenska Spel Sport & Casino site bag a jackpot win of over €2.6 million. This was done after the gamer played a few rounds of the famous Mega Fortune game. What made this all the more interesting was that this broke the operator’s previous jackpot record that was only set the week before. This saw a gamer in Stockholm earning a relatively paltry €2.5 million on Mega Fortune. 

In fact it looks like Swedes seem to have plenty of luck in playing this famous NetEnt jackpot slot. One 27-year old Swedish gamer picked up €6.6 million in winnings when they struck the Mega Fortune jackpot in August 2018. What’s best is that the gamer had only signed up to the LetsBet casino site just three hours prior to this massive win. 

Plus with tales of another Swedish gamer winning a €3.7 million Mega Fortune jackpot in May 2018 with just a €4.80 stake, it seems that gamers in this country have more luck than most. 


Not to be outdone, Sweden’s close neighbour, Finland, has also had plenty of luck in claiming some massive NetEnt jackpot wins. As recently as July 2020, a player from Finland was handed a cool €315,278 after playing the Divine Jackpot slot game. July 2019 saw one Finnish gamer claiming a handy six-figure jackpot from just a €5 bet on the Mega Fortune online slot game. Plus July 2019 witnessed another player from Finland earning almost €2.75 million by playing the Hall of Gods jackpot game. This win was especially impressive as the Finnish gamer had put down a mere €2 stake on the slot via their mobile device. 

However, Finland’s greatest claim to fame is that one gamer briefly held the world record for the biggest progressive jackpot win. This happened in January 2013 and it saw one very lucky Finnish gamer end up in the Guinness World Records thanks to a huge jackpot win of €17.8 million. No prizes for guessing that this jackpot was won on the Mega Fortune online slot game. 

United Kingdom

All of the above may make you think that Scandinavians have an unfair advantage when playing the NetEnt jackpot games. However, many gamers in the UK have struck gold when playing the developer’s slots. 

One of the most recent success stories came when one British player managed to make €3.3 million by claiming the jackpot on the Mega Fortune slot. Once again this proved to be a great value bet as they won the jackpot just by wagering 50 pence. 

Mega Fortune has proven to be one of the best games for getting a huge jackpot on. But one lucky UK gamer managed to show that big jackpots can be claimed by playing some of NetEnt’s other slot games. You only have to go back to December 2017 to find a great example of this. This saw one gamer getting an early Christmas present when they bagged a €7.2 million jackpot win on the Hall of Gods online slot game. The man who is known as Neil from Aberdeen claimed the jackpot on the desktop version of the game at the Casumo online casino site. 

What’s remarkable is the fact that this Scottish man’s win came less than six months after Hall of Gods produced a similarly massive jackpot. However it’s worth noting that that jackpot was claimed in Norway - yet another very lucky Scandinavian nation. 

Such winning patterns emphasise the fact that NetEnt’s jackpot games only serve up such huge wins completely randomly. This means that you are just as likely to claim that big jackpot with each spin of the reels. 


Strict laws regarding online gambling had previously hampered many Americans’ abilities to play any of the NetEnt jackpot games. But ongoing deregulation in more US states has meant that players are starting to get very lucky by playing these slots. 

March 2020 saw one man in Pennsylvania managing to win a jackpot of $278,430 by playing the Divine Fortune slot. This jackpot was won with just a $1 stake. What’s interesting is that this followed on from a similarly sized win the previous week in New Jersey. This saw the New Jersey gamer get a $278,802 jackpot on the same Divine Fortune game. 

All of which has created plenty of headlines in the US about the power of the NetEnt jackpot games to serve up some huge wins. However, it is thought that NetEnt is only just getting started in its bid to become a key player in the rapidly expanding US casino gaming market. 

This will definitely be the case as it has come to light that there have been 14 jackpot wins on Divine Fortune in Pennsylvania since the slot was launched there in July 2019. So while the US might not yet be the luckiest nation for jackpots, it seems that gamers in Pennsylvania enjoy a little more luck than others.